Heart Breath

with Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Counsellor

I was in a meeting at work and everyone was arguing for over 15 minutes with no resolution in sight. I remembered to practice Heart Breath and sat back and after a few minutes calm had been restored in the room and an agreement was made. The shift was miraculous.
Don’t under estimate the power of presence. When you can connect with your breath and your heart you are making an impact that can be felt within and around you.
  • I choose to know I am decisive and clear about my needs
  • I choose to know I deserve to have needs and be free to communicate them
  • I choose to know that is is safe to focus on me and believe in myself.

You may start to notice the peace that we create within begins to be reflected in our environment.

You will be pleased to know that Heart Breath is very simple and can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. The technique is to inhale and exhale through the nose and as you inhale feel the breath coming into the heart centre and chest area. Expand this breath with every exhale and as you connect with the feeling of peace and calm start to send that energy to parts of yourself that may need healing, unwanted thoughts or even to people.
As you feel breath begin to imagine a healing light that gets brighter with each exhale forming at the heart centre. You can choose green or pink for healing or any colour of the rainbow.
Like all yoga and meditation practices it improves when we take the time daily to do this breath for 3-11 minutes. We are then ready for situations that can benefit from us connecting to our very own inner peace.
Sat Naam
Dharamjot teaches classes and is a Holistic Wellness Counsellor at Kundalini House.