Cantharis is made from the potent poison found in Lytta Vesicatoria or more commonly known as Spanish Fly or Blister Beetle.  This poison can affect the urinary tract by creating burning sensations or when coming into direct contact with the skin can create blisters.

When using a homeopathic remedy, the ‘law of similars is applied.  When given to a person suffering from extreme physical conditions such as stabbing, burning or piercing pain in nature, Cantharis can certainly offer relief.  Cantharis poisoning can cause toxic reactions such as abdominal cramps, stomach and throat burning, kidney damage, diarrhea and vomiting blood.  It is for this reason that it is important to be mindful of the correct dosage to take and that the person taking the remedy is indeed suffering from similar symptoms.

Symptoms at a Glance
•    Severe anxiety and nervousness
•    Skin irritation
•    Acute cystitis
•    Excessive libido
•    Burns and scalds
•    Insect bites and stings
•    Gastritis, diarrhea and dysentery

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