“Adrenoplex is comprehensive herbal and nutritional formula designed to support healthy adrenal function.   It may assist in relieving nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.  By supporting the maintenance of healthy adrenal function, Adrenoplex may assist in overcoming fatigue and provide support during mentally and physically demanding circumstances.” (BioCeuticals 2009)

Adrenoplex is made up of the Chinese herbs Siberian Korean ginsengs with the Ayurvedic herb known as withania .  These herbs are known for their assistance and support during times of stress and anxiety.  This particular remedy has been formulated with added B vitamin and amino acids for the added nutritional support to maintain healthy adrenal glands as well as a  assisting in the smooth functioning of the nervous system.

Adrenoplex is available  from  Kundalini House for $29.95 (60 capsules).