Broth for the Soul (now FODMAP and vegetarian friendly!)

We are excited to have on our shelves nutra organics broth range. You can find on our shelves two vegetarian options, chicken and beef. Nutra Organics make it convenient to have a healthy nutritious filled snack. It’s as simple as adding two teaspoons to 250ml of boiling water and you have yourself a cup of hearty goodness. A cup of broth can offer you benefits such as: – improving gut and immune health – Loaded with vitamins and minerals – Assist in building and strengthening your bones. We really excited about offering the Vegetable broth range. The new mushroom broth is made with nourishing red miso and Tasmanian kelp. This veggie broth is also a wholesome vegan stock alternative. One serve of our Vegetable Broth is equal to one serve of veggies, making it even easier to get in your daily serves. Vegetable Broth provides all around goodness to nourish your body and warm your soul!


For more information and to buy visit our lovely shop at 391A St Georges Rd in Fitzroy North and call reception on (03) 9482 4325.