Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle

by Pip Atherstone-Reid


One of my teachers, Prof. Wang, used to tell me that being Vegetarian was not only about avoiding meat but was also about your lifestyle. Adopting a Vegetarian lifestyle meant that you practiced Ahimsa; non-violence.  Not just non-violence to the animals by not eating them, but also non-violence towards your self and towards others.  Having a kind mind and smiling eyes, not pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion and practicing compassion to all living creatures including your fellow humans.


When we follow this advice, we slow down in life, we listen to our body and respond accordingly.  When we choose to eat a Vegetarian diet, we may need to adjust our pace of life to align with our diet, age and health status.  I see a lot of clients in clinic that are Vegetarian and work long hours, staying up late and often eating on the run.  They complain of fatigue, constant colds, anxiety, cold hands and feet and just not feeling 100%.  They are often diagnosed with a lack of Yang; their system just does not have all it needs to function with vitality.


You may like to adopt the following habits:

  • Concentrate on your food & eat consciously
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Listen to your body
    • Your needs will change depending on whether you are stressed, unwell, pregnant or simply working overtime. Adapt to your situation.
  • Meditate – Sadhana!!
  • Decrease screen time
  • Move more
  • Connect with Nature



Pip Atherstone-Reid is the co-founder and co-owner of Kundalini House and has been an Acupuncture and TCM practitioner for over 15 years. She is available for Acupuncture & TCM appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.