Yoga and Meditation for Self-Care

with Kundalini House

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Whether you are a new student or have been with us for a long time, you may have noticed that we focus our practice on self-care, supporting mental, physical and emotional well-being. We recently conducted a survey with you, our wonderful community, to find out what you need and desire in your Yoga practice and daily life. What stood out was: Self-care! And we knew we were on the right track. We are very grateful to have an incredible group of teachers to lead our many classes and invite you to explore our signature classes that are designed to support you in practising and integrating self-care into your life.

We asked Kundalini House founders Billie and Pip to explain what they love about the focused classes and why they send many of their clients to attend them. And of course, we wanted to hear from the amazing teachers, Nancy, Melissa and Rhonda, who make these classes so special.

If you have questions on how to book in or desire more detailed information, contact our lovely reception team on (03) 9482 4325.


Sat Nam


Kundalini Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

with Nancy Hanley

Mondays 8-9pm

About the class:

This hour will include the practice of Kundalini Meditation to assist in balancing nervous energy and releasing held stress in the body. These meditation techniques regulate the system and create a sense of calm and stability within, with a focus on cultivating individual awareness and learning to manage health and wellbeing in day-to-day situations.

Why Nancy loves teaching the class:

I love to support students to relax and experience themselves without stress and the pressures of a busy mind. Finding that sense of spaciousness in class and learning to manage our triggers can have a big impact on daily life and interactions with others. The benefits are enormous and I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn how to help themselves feel more connected and more free.

Billie’s and Pip’s take on it:

We hear more and more that people feel overwhelmed and too busy.  Keeping up with the fast pace of life and navigating the pressures of work, studies and family life sure is challenging.  What tends to happen is that we move from one job to the next or one engagement to the next without any space between (don’t get us started on ‘screens’ involvement here!).  And this is partly why we feel like things are moving so fast.  There’s less time to be still, to contemplate, to reflect, to feel, to daydream and most importantly for our mind and body to regulate and find calm.

Unfortunately when we are in a state of overwhelm and stress we don’t feel like we have the time for self-care.  But actually this is exactly what we need.  We need to break the cycle of stress and find time to nourish the nervous system’s relaxation response.  In those very high states of stress we need to take action to ease the chaos we’re experiencing within.  Initially, this could be getting some well needed care by a health professional (one idea we do ourselves) – that’s why they’re there – to give you the support you need.  But it’s also a good idea to plan some good self care practices that are part of your weekly routine and help regulate and release the burden of stress bit by bit.

This is why we ensured Nancy’s class for Meditation for Stress and Anxiety is on our timetable.  Did you know that on average one in four people experience anxiety in their lifetime and in one year, two million people will experience anxiety in Australia?  We’ve experienced it too at times and it is not comfortable!  We believe and know for ourselves, that a regular practice of meditation that targets the body and minds reaction to stress and anxiety can have a significant impact on our ability to cope with it.  A meditation practice is also the perfect opportunity to spend time on our internal world, being present with the body’s language of sensation and building on our capacity to calm our busy minds.   Committing to a regular practice is a positive and kind way to look after yourself.  And we need it.  We deserve it.  It can help us respond to life’s challenges and pressures rather than reacting to them.

If you feel like you are struggling with anxiety and want to learn more about it, visit Beyond Blue for more information.


Hatha & Self-care

with Melissa Shemanna

Tuesdays 8-9pm

About the class:

Hatha & Self Care leads us into a practice that allows for the body and mind to find calm and presence. Gentle and slow hatha postures, centred on pranayama (deep conscious breath work) brings us to a deeper realisation, for our presence to shine in our personal embodiment. Restful meditation to complete our practice, will offer a heart based prayer to the infinite and often be accompanied by the sounds of the singing bowl or gentle gong.  All welcome.

Why Melissa loves teaching the class:

The practice within the art of breath and yoga, is what brings me to this place of coherence and presence within, I am constantly in awe for the inner understanding that comes to my being, as the layers are peeled off.. So for me, to share this profound yet simple practice and teaching with others, inspires me greatly. Its the journey we go on together, that I feel I am really here for. Sharing the wisdom that is embodied with the people who come, and allowing for it to grow us as a community and as the shining souls we are! The benefits are enormous for the dedication to this practice, calm, presence, strength, resilience, suppleness of body and mind, focus, surrender, and discernment.

Billie’s and Pip’s take on it:

Determining your needs and managing your health and well-being takes practice.  It’s often something we have to learn and it’s definitely something we have to continually tweak and change.  We know for ourselves that it’s incredibly important.  Our tendencies to push on and suck it up, to look after everyone else before ourselves or to not feel deserving of care and attention really gets in the way of self care.

So your challenge here is to practice self compassion and kindness by making time, each week, to explore and understand what you need to feel OK or even better, to feel excellent.  A class like this opens the space for you to learn and experience practices that help to settle your inner workings, your mind and your body so you can fill up your cup.  And really in the end, if we can become great at self care then we are much more able to help others and thrive in life.


Hatha Yoga with Core & Stability

with Rhonda Weatherby

Saturdays 7.30-8.45am

About the class:

Practice a dynamic Hatha Yoga class with a focus on strengthening the core and improving your overall strength and stability.
Strength exercises will range from gentle to strong. We cannot underestimate the importance of Core and Stability in our pelvis and trunk.

The primary function of the body’s core muscles (Abdominal, lower back, hip and buttock muscles) is to stabilize our spines, pelvis and shoulder blades. Without Core and stability, we may experience sore lower backs, a weakened bladder, poor posture and less movement in our upper body.

Why Rhonda loves teaching the class:

I love teaching this class because it is a great reminder to engage our core in movement and keeps not only our Pelvic floor muscles engaged but also our sandwich muscles of the abdomen and lower back strong and agile.

Billie’s and Pip’s take on it:

It’s so nice to have a class you can attend that brings specific awareness to those vital core muscles.  They are the foundation of all movement and action in our lives, from picking up clothes on the floor, walking, running, lifting, breathing, singing, even sitting, we need our core muscles.  When we have weakness in our core muscles this can have a significant impact on our health and quality of life.  Weakness in the core can manifest as, but not limited to, back pain, breathing problems, hip instability, incontinence, fatigue, low power, increased injuries, poor balance and bad posture.

In the eastern sciences we see the importance of the core muscles because they are located in the area of the manipura chakra.  We want to build strength and balance in this chakra because it helps balance our metabolism and digestive functions and supports the kidneys and adrenals.  It’s an area to work on to strengthen our commitment to self; our self-worth; our boundaries and capacity to assimilate emotion and stress and to transform emotions of fear, anger, confusion and doubt.

It doesn’t take long to build up strength in the core and unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to lose strength too.  So this class is all about ‘use it or lose it’ and will also helpto bring awareness to correctly engaging your core muscles so that you have the strength you need to enjoy life, be it running, jumping or high performance sports to simply feeling good in your body.