A Karmic, Dynamic and Transformative few weeks and Another Libran Full Moon


Jupiter went retrograde on the 10th of April and will stay in that more internalised and revising mode until mid August, providing an excellent opportunity for additional soul searching, while perhaps reminding us of the importance of having faith.


After five Full Moons in a row occurring at the first degree of their respective sign, we are shifting symbolism, if not sign, with a second successive Libran Full Moon at the final, culminating degree of that sign. The Full Moon occurs at 9:12 pm on Good Friday the 19th of April. With the Full Moon having a second go in Libra opposite the Sun in Aries, achieving a balance in our life is the key, a balance between the urge for independence and the desire to share. The day before the Full Moon Mercury moves past the last degree in Pisces where it went retrograde last month, moving into Aries. This emergence from the Neptunian fog is welcome, bringing new ideas and perhaps increased self confidence. With Mercury sharing space with Chiron at the Full Moon it’s a good time for a bit of positive self talk, perhaps towards healing within relationships and especially around considerate self-assertion.


The Full Moon occurs at the 30th degree of Libra representing Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher’s Head. This cautions against living in one’s head and highlights the value of understanding over mere knowledge. The Full Moon is also energised by a conjunction between the Sun and Uranus, bringing a sense of originality and rebellion. On the following night the Sun moves into Taurus, exactly meeting up with Uranus on Tuesday 23rd of April. Expect the unexpected and be open to new ideas. Venus moves into Aries within hours of the Sun’s departure from that sign on the 21st of April.


The cardinal Full Moon loosely interacts with the near conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, adding to dynamic and action oriented cardinal energy around this time. That there are old and karmic issues at play is highlighted by their dance with the South Node of the Moon, as well as their own South Nodes. Pluto’s presence in the sign of Saturn’s ruler, Capricorn, challenges us to become more empowered, with a focus on career, responsibility and autonomy, while Saturn’s proximity lends the discipline and structure we will need to make things real. This is a highly significant astrological configuration, which will be in the foreground in 2020, and we are getting a preview right now. Pluto and Saturn are going to hover at these positions and make their cardinal presence felt as Pluto stations to go retrograde on the 24th of April. This is followed shortly afterwards by Saturn stationing retrograde on the 29th of April. An extremely karmic and dynamic time, with power and control issues front and centre is on the agenda. We are being asked, on an especially deep level, to confront and transmute existing patterns of behavior that are creating limitations and blocks to our further evolutionary growth. This is shadow material we are dealing with and it goes a long way back in time and in our histories.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House