The Curse of the First Child.

A beautiful new mother came to the clinic to experience a shamanic journey.  She wanted to explore her deep dark family secret. It seemed there was a curse running through her lineage with the early death of the first child.  Her family had seemingly suffered this horrific trauma and intolerable loss for generations.  She remembers times of her aunts and cousins losing their first-born child under tragic circumstances and the hopeless fear that fell upon the family.  Memories of secrecy between the adults with hushed conversations trying to protect the children from this unfathomable reality.  It was a troubling well-known fact amongst the family and sadly the women entering the joy of motherhood had to contemplate the inconceivable loss of a child as a possibility.

This strong, sensitive, kind and loving woman had a termination as a young woman she wondered if this was aligned to be symbolic of this allegorical curse. Her first born beautiful baby was only a precious few months old and at the birth she experienced a moment of her baby’s monitored pulse flat lining on the monitor screen, at the moment she freaked out, believing that she too was about to lose her child. Shortly after the monitor showed no activity it started up again and she went on to experience a relatively easeful birth. However she felt deep sadness since then and couldn’t shake the traumatised feeling in her nervous system.

It was for this sickening feeling post birth that she decided to explore shamanic journeying.  As she surrendered and deepened into the altered state induced by the crystal mandala she was recalled to her recent birth.  Recalling the moment of the monitor ceasing to show any activity, she was then introduced to the soul of the child who spent a short time within her womb, the soul thanked her for allowing it to transmute karma within the short period they were together.

As the journey continued an invocation for any being that may have placed a curse on her family’s lineage was called.  A destitute female villager from the 15th Century appeared.  She begged for forgiveness and explained she had placed the curse incorrectly in a moment of grief and anger after loosing her own child to illness.  Her sadness and regret were palpable and she did not want to cause any further harm, she had been mistaken and regretted her actions immensely.  She was immediately forgiven and forever grateful for bringing her suffering to an end, the curse was dissolved and her soul was beautifully summoned back to light.  The client left relieved and lighter no longer feeling anxious.  Calm was restored to her nervous system and a new found freedom to lovingly nurture her beautiful baby.