Feeding Your Soul – Cancerian New Moon/Solar Eclipse


Happy Winter Solstice or as I visualise it, the birth of hope! At 1:54 am on Saturday the 22nd of June the Sun moves into Cancer, marking the Winter Solstice, and setting the tone for the next few months with a particularly Cancerian tone. This coincides with Neptune stationing to go retrograde, in turn inviting a collective outpouring of emotion.

Before elaborating on all the action at the Cancer Capricorn polarity, I would like to recall the Sagittarian Full Moon on the 17th of June, which shone in a cloudless sky so brightly while emitting a sense of endless possibilities for the future. I neglected to mention in my previous column just how cosmic this Full Moon was when at 26 degrees of Sagittarius it occurred right on the point about which our galaxy is rotating. This rotational center of the Milky Way is known as the Galactic Centre.


Continuing the fire theme, on the 27th of June Mercury moves into Leo where it will dally briefly until it slows down and goes retrograde on the 8th of July. It will then go back to the past in Cancer encouraging the reprocessing of some recent communication issues. Meanwhile Mars, the action planet, which has been in cautious and sensitive Cancer since the 16th of May, will move into Leo on the 1st of July bringing a sense of creative flair and encouraging initiative and drive to be expressed more confidently.

Nevertheless most of the action is occurring across the water/earth cardinal axis of Cancer and Capricorn including the New Moon in Cancer which occurs at 5:16 am on Wednesday the 3rd of July. At 11 degrees of emotional and defensive Cancer, it nevertheless speaks to the value of humor in developing objectivity and independence of mind. The message about learning how to not take oneself too seriously, appears particularly helpful and pertinent given that this New Moon is a partial solar eclipse with serious Saturn exactly conjoing the South Node of the Moon. At the same time and for the month of July nearby Pluto is right on its own South Node.

The power and control themes of Saturn and Pluto moving towards their significant meeting on January 2020 are at play for all to see, witness the American presidential posturing on war with Iran, and may be highlighted at this New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Helpfully the asteroid Pallas Athena is squaring the eclipse bringing wisdom, strategy and the bigger picture into the equation, while Eris the planet of discord is drawing in a somewhat revolutionary vibe.


Achieving a balance between the opposing nodal energies is one of the critical jobs our souls face in this earthly journey. This nodal axis is calling us home, harmonizing our need to belong (Cancer) with our need to control and excel (Capricorn), our sensitivity with our utility, and our compassion with our competence. It is evoking the importance of emotional security and reminding us that the quest for physical, structural or financial security coming from the past with the South Node in Capricorn will not alone sustain us into the future. The Capricorn South Node’s karmic position is triggering collective healing work releasing fear, loneliness and world weariness where we have been out of balance in this respect. At this particularly significant New Moon it is time to dream a new dream and one that is focused on joy and love.

Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House