I started practicing qigong five years ago after meeting a wonderful teacher at Kundalini House, Nicole Lee, who now teaches from her own qigong studio in Balaclava, Chi Space. Qigong offered a gentle but surprisingly powerful way to work with my body and mind that complemented the yoga and Buddhist meditation practices I already knew and loved.


I was inspired to continue because as my practice deepened, I experienced increased energy of a calm, vibrant quality, greater connection to my life force, and a stronger sense of alignment with the natural world and its changing seasons.


My teacher training with Nicole Lee in Integrative Qigong has given me skills to share qigong in a modern, accessible form, grounded in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have also had the good fortune to begin teacher training with Simon Blow who teaches Chinese Medical Qigong as passed down to him by Qigong and Daoist masters in China.


People love my classes because they provide an opportunity to slow down and connect with the flows of energy within and without.

Favorite quote: “There lives the dearest freshness deep down things.” – Gerard Manly Hopkins

Years of teaching: I began teaching qigong in 2018.


Justine Mcgill will be teaching Integrative Qi Gong on Wednesday mornings at 7:45 – 8:45am at Kundalini House


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