The ultimate gift of soul release


In Shamanic journeys we have an exquisite opportunity to learn, release and integrate deep soul lessons. In my experience of guiding shamanic journeys, I frequently witness the ultimate gift of soul release; an always-beautiful recognition of the loving connection of two souls and the release of  one that allows emancipation of the earth bound soul through the crystal dreaming shamanic journey of guided salvation, which allows the soul to return to source.


The loving grandson releases his beloved grand pa

The adoring wife releases her doting husband

The beloved twin sister releases her brother

The favoured daughter releases her father

The only child of a sole parent releases his confused committed mother

A mother releases the children who had experienced life in her womb but never the journey together earth side.

A friend releases her troubled friend who crossed over willingly but missed an ascension.


The Beloved souls at death decide through the dimensions to attach energetically through the emotional body to the comfort of their beloved. The reasons for the attachments and the choices of whom or where the earth bound soul gets trapped are wide and varied. In my experience it can be: the sensitive opened hearted soul in a family; a family member the earth bound spirit had a deep heart connection with; when death arrives the spirit is not ready to leave earth for whatever unresolved issue with whoever or fear of leaving the other loved one alone. The earth bound spirit wants to stay around in what they comprehend as helping or supporting or protecting the beloved left on earth. It usually represents a beautiful life of connection with said beloved or parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, sibling or variation. The sheer beauty of this connection of two souls created through, love, honour and joy touches me every time and blossoms the belief I hold that relationships with family can be soulful, precious, timeless and based in love.


Ultimately its important to facilitate the gift of soul release as a crystal medicine woman although I am always following the client’s wishes so it can be at times that the client is not ready for the release yet and I honour that always. As shamanic practitioners we encourage the release as it allows the soul to return to source to oneness to the light to heaven depending on your beliefs.  It ensures that the client is operating as a sovereign being of light in this free will universe in alignment with their blueprint not being influenced from others souls agendas.  Often the released soul does return on release as one of those who love the client unconditionally and watch over them or allows the soul to incarnate again to learn the lessons they need to and to weave their unique magic.


Ultimately, the gift of soul release is the ultimate emancipation to stand in sovereignty even with the heart often feeling like its breaking. The joy of the release is tangible and knowing that peace has been found within and for our beloved who walked side by side this path of life and into beyond.  The greatest gift of a living being to another soul, the bridge to bliss and oneness, universal consciousness.


Rachel Hanrahan

Crystal Medicine Woman



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