Understanding Karmic Connections- By Melanie June

There is potent energy in the air planetary wise at the moment with Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron and Mercury in retrograde, beckoning us for deep transformation and triggering old wounds to be released.

We also have a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn Wednesday July 17th (Australia time), intensifying our emotions, so they can be purged. Mercury in retrograde, often gets a bad rap, however every astrological influence has a purpose and it is best to work with the energy rather than against it.

Whilst mercury in retrograde can cause some issues with technology, it’s a great time to reflect, revisit and really work on healing things relating to the past and even past lives. It’s a time of re-integration, re-evaluation, revising and deep reflection.

We may hear from people from the past more at this time or find we are thinking more about people or situations from the past. Eclipses have the power of three full moons, so it really is an opportune time to let go of energy that isn’t serving us anymore. Eclipses trigger what is buried in the unconscious to come up for healing, so we are swimming through emotional waters. We also have past fears and insecurities coming to the surface and there is a strong feeling of irrevocability, where whatever is eclipsed out of our lives will be permanent.

There are so many karmic relationships coming up to be healed at this time, so I thought it was a perfect time to talk about karmic relationships.


We have all encountered people in life where there is that certain pull, that feeling of familiarity, as though we have known them forever.

They make the mundane seem magical, however the primary purpose of these connections is soul growth, so sometimes we have to take the rough with the smooth and try and look at situations from a higher perspective.

Often when we meet karmic connections, there is a strong magnetism towards them, a feeling of fate and recognition, even if it is happening on an unconscious level.

People often associate karmic connections and soul mates with romantic partners or prospective partners, however we have many soulmates and karmic connections. They can be your parents, siblings, friends, lovers, mentors and even commonly your worst enemies or people that cause a lot of difficulty in our life.

Sometimes these relationships can start out beautifully, then turn from fireworks to fury. Often the most difficult people we meet in life there is a strong karmic link, which is why they can be challenging to release. Sometimes we don’t understand why an individual can have it in for us or be obsessed with us so strongly, however often these relationships are rooted in past lives.


I think we have all had that friend that is obsessed with a man or woman that treats them badly, yet they keep going for more, even though others can see it’s quite damaging for them. People can find it hard to let go of these connections, even if they are tumultuous and on and off again, as they can be addictive and underpinning them is an eternal connection and love, although it just doesn’t seem to work.

People can mistake karmic connections for soul mates, as they have that strong connection or and soul recognition. Karmic connections tend to be selfish and include power struggles, unlike soulmates which are more mutually beneficial and respectful.

It is important to remember, not all relationships are supposed to be forever and even when some people separate, they don’t let go energetically.

Sometimes there are red flags, however we can be blind to them or choose to ignore the signs. Sometimes long after we have separated from these connections, we hold onto deep hurts, betrayals or disappointments in our energy field, that aren’t good for us to hold, as the wounds go very deep with these connections.

Karmic connections can be quite co-dependant and based on attachment, they will often know how to push all your buttons and emotional triggers, which is essentially part of their purpose. These connections are based primarily on lessons rather than permeance, so it is important to be able to let these connections and their energy go, when they aren’t serving you anymore. Inevitably there is often a repetitious cycle of pain dramas, until you can recognise the lesson and move on.

Energy healing is a great way to clear energetic attachments to the past or people, so you can move forward unencumbered by the past. It clears stuck emotions and energetic ties and impressions, assisting you to move forward and find emotional freedom.

Another powerful method of letting go is forgiveness, using the Hawaiian method of Ho’oponopono. It doesn’t mean you have to forgive the persons actions, nor does it matter whether you believe the other person was in the wrong and you haven’t done anything wrong.

It’s about surrendering, letting go and forgiveness setting you free. It’s acknowledging carrying heavy feelings of being wronged or hurt, aren’t good for you to be holding onto. Neither is reliving in mental movies, wishing things were different. Ho’oponopono includes a simple mantra, which you repeat, visualising the other person.

Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. I love you. Thank you


Alternatively, if it is something two people would like to work on together within their relationship, you can recite the words to each other. You may experience a plethora of emotions or sensations as you repeat the words, however this is a positive sign you are vibrationally shifting and releasing.

When we are still holding onto, anger, resentment or grief, we are still in bondage to that person and can struggle to move forward and be open to new experiences and people.

Be patient with the process, as it may require more than one session, however with persistence it can be deeply transformative, healing and liberating.

Powerful blessings this full moon eclipse.

Big heart,

Melanie June


Melanie June, is a healer that offers a range of transformative therapies, to help you let go of what isn’t serving you and bring you into alignment. Offerings include, Spiritual Healings, Intuitive Readings, Holistic Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, Past Life Regression and more. Melanie offers in person consultations from Kundalini House, in Fitzroy North and Skype consultations.

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