Pluto adding urgency and momentum for change to the Aries Full Moon


Pluto makes its powerful and uncompromising presence felt as it precisely squares off both the Sun and the Moon at the Aries Full Moon. This is a dynamic month with issues of power, control and manipulation in the spotlight. Jupiter turned direct in mid August and Saturn went forward from the 19th of September. Saturn joined up with the South Node of the Moon shortly afterwards adding past karma into the power and control reference. This seemed particularly apt, occurring as it did just days before we learnt that a couple of world leaders of the more Fascist persuasions may one day be forced to take responsibility for actions they have pursued in the name of power and control.


Pluto also goes direct from the 4th of October and we may find ourselves feeling and thinking more deeply in the days ahead, especially with Mercury’s entry into Scorpio the evening before. While the Saturn Pluto conjunction is exact on the 13th of January, 2020, this energy has been building for a year or so and its effects will be felt for at least another year. This is a time when an urge toward total rebirth and transformation can lead to a deeper sense of inner security, and there’s a desire to work hard to leave behind the hauntings of the past as the Time Lord meets the Lord of the Underworld.


Mars, which has been gathering the details and the facts in Virgo moves into Libra on the 4th of October, where it will lend a desire to harmonise polarities, while our physical energy will be strongly affected by our close relationships and aesthetic influences.

The challenging aspect between expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and visionary Neptune in Pisces has now finally passed, and perhaps we are already finding it easier to keep both feet firmly on the ground.


The Aries Full Moon will occur at 8:07am on Monday the 14th of October at 21 degrees Aries. This degree is characterised as A pugalist enters the ring. It speaks to the release and the glorification of aggressiveness. It may remind us that many admire and/or envy people who wield absolute power, but that victory is only ever temporary in a dualistic world. This power focus at the Aries Full Moon is reinforced by the square to both the Sun and the Moon coming from the quintessential power planet Pluto. There will no doubt be some anger in the air at this Full Moon and it could be associated with large scale protests. We are being asked for focus and willpower, and to be the spiritual warrior. This will be a fantastic time to release any toxic emotions we may be harbouring and the Full Moon may shed further light on pollution and lend urgency to action on climate change.

While Full Moons are generally about culmination and release, this particular one also incorporates the sense of a new beginning, when we may have more of an idea of what our purpose is in life.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House