Do you feel that sometimes you are so powerful you can conquer the world while other times you just want o hide away and close the door never to be seen again?  Sometimes you are focused and organized and other times you are so dreamy it is hard to focus in your daily life?


I recall the very moment I learned about the ancient wisdom of the moon centers as taught by Yogi Bhajan, it was so liberating and made so much sense!


This, was the reason why my “moods” changed.. why my view of life changed so dramatically from week to week.. these changes were a part of my psychic structure! they were different aspects, different archetypes of me being a woman! There was nothing “wrong’ with me, experiencing the moon centers in this way was part of living a complete woman’s experience.

What started with a keen interest in the subject soon became a passion, I wanted to learn all about them and understand how they worked and how they affected me and other women.


What I found is a profound in this journey is sense of ownership and empowerment that comes from self-understanding and self-acceptance!


We are moon women, we are affected by the outer moon, we have a lunar nature, lunar cycles and we have 11 moon centers in our energetic bodies!



The 11 moon centers are energetic areas in the body relate to specific qualities and characteristics of being a woman.


The specific characteristics are shared amongst all women but we all experience them in a different way. They affect the way we see life almost as if we wearing 11 pair of glasses tinting our reality differently depending on which moon we are in!


The moon centers & their basic characteristics are:

Hairline — clarity & intuition

Eyebrows — imaginative & healing dreams

Cheeks — emotional & unpredictable

Lips — communicative

Ear lobes — intelligent & values oriented

Back of the neck — romantic & soft

Breasts — compassionate & giving

Belly button — secure / insecure

Inner thighs — coordinated & full of energy

Clitoris — charming & sociable

Vagina — connected & social




A woman’s moon center pattern is unique to her, her moon centers change every 2.5 days until they complete the 28 days cycle.

Every 2.5 days the woman moves to a new moon center and as the moon center changes so does her mood and outlook.


Ancient teachings tell us that the pattern each woman has is set at the moment of conception and it never changes throughout her lifetime! The moon centers pattern is not connected with the menstrual cycle.




Taking the time to learn about your moon centers will essentially help you understand and accept yourself and your changing emotions.


You will come to see that some moon centers are stronger than others, and you will be able to assess if there is any moon center which you are not allowing yourself to experience due to trauma or belief systems.


Tracking the moon centers will help you know what are good dates for specific activities be it work or romance! You can track them via the moon center awareness meditation or you can join us for the upcoming workshop and learn practical and powerful tools to track, balance & strengthen your moon centers!



Each moon center has its own energy and vibration, this vibration can be in balance or out of balance, it can be working in the positive or the negative, overactive or underactive!


There is a particular energy and vibration that can be called forth for each particular moon center especially if it is weak or if it is being suppressed due to trauma.


The beauty of having this inner knowledge of your moon centers is that you can strengthen their positive characteristics through subtle activities like breath and sound or more physical inputs like food and yoga! You can learn what activities to avoid to keep them balanced and giving you all the inspiration and energy you deserve.

Exploring your moon centers is a liberating and empowering journey you don’t want to miss.

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Kundalini Moon Woman Workshop

DATE: Sunday 13th October 2019

TIME: 11am – 4:30pm

WHERE: Kundalini House 391A St Georges Road, Fitzroy North, Melbourne

INVESTMENT: $125 Full Price / $120 Concession / $115 Members