8 week course includes detailed notes and weekly recordings of each practice for home use.
Based on the ancient teachings of meditation, irest is an evidence based transformative practice that promotes deep healing through integrating unresolved issues and traumas that are present in body and mind.  Irest yoga nidra – nervous system repair promotes deep restoration through enabling an innate peace of mind that is always present amidst all of the craziness of our lives….
The nervous system repair course builds skills to stabilize, ground and find a place of inner peace all whilst lying down and being guided through the 10 step protocol of iRest yoga nidra.
The practice is helpful and has been researched and proven successful in treating PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, auto immune issues and chemical dependency recovery.
Nervous System Repair is an ancient blueprint for teaching people who have experienced trauma not only how to recover but also how to thrive.
You don’t need to have experienced trauma to benefit from this proven program for health, healing and resiliency. iRest yoga nidra also helps to resolve issues such as insomnia, anxiety, trauma, fear and depression whilst nourishing the qualities of joy, peacefulness, empathy, forgiveness, patience and loving kindness to yourself and others.
A sample of iRest yoga nidra practice can be experienced here: