I had my first Reiki treatment over 10 years ago when I was holidaying with family in Queensland. I saw the certificate on her wall and just thought i would have a treatment.

I layed on the table fully clothed and the practitioner placed her hands on various areas of the body.

I don’t remember what I felt when I was having the treatment, the practitioner shared what she had sensed intuitively during the session.

The following days I remember I felt an intense feeling of connection, I felt charged up. Blissful moments from within, It was enough for me to enquire back in Sydney where I was living and started the journey of Becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

Energy healing did not sound weird to me. We receive attunement during training, we are giving symbols to use, I follow the teachings in my practice.

People mention Placebo, I think that just another fascinating topic!  Mind body healing.

Reiki for me feels like a supporting energy , clients have said they feel calm, relaxed after sessions. Its another tool. Perhaps with the relaxed energy an insight will come, idea etc.

I feel it provides peacefulness, after a treatment supporting our nervous system during stressful periods, challenging times, or even when we are at the top of the wheel of life.

Reiki Available at Kundalini House

Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner uses light touch to channel energy. The roots of modern Reiki were founded in Japan in the early 20th century by a Zen Buddhist named Mikao Usui (Stein, 1995).

Stein, D. (1995). Essential reiki: A complete guide to an ancient healing art. New York: Ten Speed Press.