Expect the Unexpected and Break Through Resistance at the Scorpio New Moon


Life is speeding up on many fronts with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto now all travelling in a forward direction. In addition a sense of urgency pervaded the recent Aries Full Moon with the exact Pluto square to the Moon and Sun suggestive of a power struggle, but also making it a potent time for detoxification and building the momentum on climate change. Some more flowing aspects involving Venus and Mercury followed a few days later to smooth out the disruption. The next lunar event, the Scorpio New Moon, brings sudden surprises, upsets and the opportunity for liberation. We are in deep territory now and these short term events appear as preparation for the historic Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, now only three months away.

In the meantime the Sun’s energy becomes much more intense when it moves from diplomatic Libra into passionate Scorpio in the early hours of Thursday the 24th of October, following the path already traversed by Mercury and Venus. Scorpio, the natural home of Pluto, is about transformation and the sense of hard work that is needed to leave behind what has haunted us in the past. While several personal planets were in Libra recently Mars is the sole survivor at this point. Libran energy acting on assertive Mars, is suggestive of the strategist, weighing up considerations of balance and fairness. Even so Mars is not entirely comfortable in Libra, as it tends to favor assertion over constraint.

The Scorpio New Moon will occur at 1:38 pm on Monday the 28th of October at 5 degrees Scorpio and is described thus: A massive, unchanging rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea. This degree of fixed Scorpio speaks to the potential inertia of all institutionalised procedures. While the keyword here is stability, we are invited to see how binding and resistant a communal way of life can become. And yet this implied sense of solidity and inertia is bound to be challenged by the exact opposition of Uranus to the Moon and the Sun, as they meet together at this celestial event. There’s a revolutionary vibe in the air and some powerful secrets may be revealed to the world at this time. Uranus is the planet associated with both brilliant insights and sudden shocks, and with the New Moon in Scorpio there’s a message here about not getting stuck in anger or resentment. Try to detach from any drama. This is a powerful time for meditation and setting clear goals and planning for the long term. The intense Scorpio energy can be creatively diverted to letting go of emotional baggage and breaking through barriers.

Mercury and Venus meet up at the end of the month, providing a welcome nudge to values that include sharing and understanding others. And then Mercury slows down to go retrograde once again on the 1st of November – this time in Scorpio.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House