But is it TRAUMA?!

Most people think trauma is what you get after an accident or what soldiers suffer in a war, but from the recent findings of neuroscience and attachment theory the triggers of trauma have been shown to be much wider and more common place. Any event which threatens or triggers a sense of helplessness can give rise to trauma or distress which can stay with you for a lifetime. Events such as failed business or bankruptcy, school and workplace bullying, excessive debt, an abusive partner or parent, suffering from cancer and chronic illness, divorce or a bad break up, death of a loved one, poor exam results, redundancy, damaged personal or professional reputation, or the stress of coming out.


While some people may actually benefit from a life or death experience, others become overwhelmed or highly sensitised to any environmental stressors they experience in the future – triggering a fight/flight/freeze response that is out of proportion to the situation at hand. Stressful triggers lead to big surges in our adrenalin flooding our long term memory, the hippocampus, as though we are still living back in the past, looking for danger where none exists. What we don’t realise is that every time we are hooked by our past negative events, it strengthens the neural pathways in our body/brain and changes our physiology. A prolonged state of flight/fright/freeze response is stored in the body/brain and produces heightened anxiety, stress, and can give rise to addictive behaviour, chronic pain and illness, panic attacks, insomnia, anger, depression and long-term mental illness. This leads us to avoid many situations that might re-trigger us, and our life gets smaller.


Transmute trauma into empowerment.

We’re all wired to seek healthy attachments. Well-balanced, interdependent relationships enrich our overall wellbeing, giving us a safe place from which to take on the world and achieve our life goals.


However, sometimes our unconscious selves and deep-seated physical holding of mental pain and suffering can stop us from being our best selves.


As an experienced practitioner in The Richards Trauma Process, I guide you to transform deeply held traumas by empowering you to:

  • Target the underlying unconscious beliefs that keep you feeling stuck.
  • Remove the trauma’s emotional power using deep imagination techniques that speak directly to your body and unconscious self.
  • Calm your sympathetic nervous system so your ‘fight or flight’ response doesn’t sabotage your everyday enjoyment of life.


Many injuries in early life leave us finding it hard to relax and, quite often, reacting to others harshly rather than with love and gentleness.


Harness the latest advances in therapeutic change and neuroplasticity to help ‘rewire’ your brain with compassion and curiosity and activate the changes you want to make in your life.


Ways to change

I use a newly developed therapy called The Richards Trauma Process. TRTP is an elegantly simple yet comprehensive therapeutic process which can help you to reframe traumatic life events so they are no longer the drivers that hijack your life. This process was developed by Judith Richards, who was able to heal herself from horrific injuries from which the medical profession told her she would never recover. TRTP is is a truly eclectic therapy, that achieves results safely, quickly and effectively generally in just 3 sessions.


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