Nutrient advice to help with healthy immunity


Eating well is an important part of maintaining health and being able to resist disease. With the risk of Covid 19 upon us, it is essential that we maintain good health in all aspects of our life. Food can offer us a source of nutrients and vitamins that assist in resistance and health. To make it easier for you I’ve put together a list so you can stock up on tasty, healthy foods to help bolster your health and support your lungs.

If you feel you need a more concentrated amount or are unwell, please speak with your qualified health practitioner.

Nutrients and Foods that support Lung health

Vitamin A: Supports the integrity of the lung tissue. Activates and supports immune defences specifically in the lungs. Increases resistance to infections.
Foods to focus on: whole eggs, liver, COD liver oil, butter, apricots, leafy green vegetables, carrots.
Form: micelle

Vitamin C: Reduces the release of histamine (immune reaction that causes wheezing, constriction of breathing and mucus production) in the lungs.
Foods to focus on: broccoli, Brussel sprouts, berries, parsley, capsicum, pineapple, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits.
Form: liposomal

Zinc: Maintains stomach enzymes so you can absorb your nutrients from your food. An ingredient to make immune cells so your body can react to infections.
Food to focus on: brewer’s yeast, capsicum, whole eggs, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, sea food, whole grains, animal proteins.
Form: zinc chelate bisglycinate (bound to an amino acid)

Vitamin E: Part of the antioxidant club that protects lung tissue from inflammation damage when sick. Maintains lung tissue integrity.
Foods to focus on: almonds (activated preferably), sunflower seeds, wheat germ, whole eggs, hazelnuts, corn.
Form: Tocopheryl succinate

Vitamin D: Regulates the immune reaction in the lungs, increases our glutathione (antioxidant protection) in the lungs.
Foods to focus on: 10-15 mins of early morning sun on bare chest.
Fish liver oils: cod, halibut, tuna. Butter, whole eggs, sprouted seeds.
Form: cholecalciferol

Glutathione: Part of the antioxidant club (recycles vitamin c and e), protects the integrity of the lung tissue, red blood cells and regulates the immune system.
Foods to focus on: asparagus, avocado, whole eggs, garlic.
Form: s-acetyl glutathione, liposomal glutathione

Lifestyle advice to help with good health:

Allow your body to rest as often as you can, as rest is essential for the body to repair itself.  Good sleep habits are essential, so set yourself a routine and try to stick with it…the list of things to do and the social ‘FOMOS’ can wait.

Breathe: your breath can calm your body reducing your flight-fright-freeze response very quickly.
Foods: Eating a variety of colours can be a great technique to ensure you are getting the fibre, antioxidants and essential nutrients you need. Aim for five on your plate at a time!

Always take your supplementation two hours away from other medications, black tea and coffee. Take with food as most of the vitamins and nutrients suggested above are fat-soluble.

Mantra: “I enjoy my health, it is safe for me to be healthy, I allow myself to be healthy.”

Please see your Naturopath for advice on the above nutrients and for any specific health concerns.

Much warmth and stay healthy

Beth Ladwig, Naturopath and Kinesiologist at Kundalini house.
Beth is also available for skype consultations, please speak with the reception on 03 9482 4325, if you require this type of consultation.