Moving Forward with New Energy: A Passionate Aries New Moon

There’s a sense that the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle, birthed at the first degree of egalitarian Aquarius in December 2020, is echoing in the walls of the Australian Parliament and reverberating throughout the community. It is timely to recall that the overall astrological theme for 2021 is a battle between the old and new. This is brought to us through the Saturn-Uranus square which is, to some extent, active all year. Under this disruptive influence many old gendered behaviours are being challenged, found to be overwhelming wanting and there’s a feeling of positive change in the air. For nearly three years, Chiron, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus, has been in Aries doing its job of healing the aggression, fear and anger associated with the wounded masculine.

Aries season is upon us and the energy for the first half of April is dynamic, initiatory and extremely fast moving. Fire and air are the predominant elements. Mercury moves into Aries on Sunday the 4th of April encouraging more direct and assertive communication and less self-deception. There’s a refreshing narrative around and a sense that the voices of the oppressed can no longer be silenced. Women who have been abused by men, and their sisters, are speaking out. Over the next three weeks we may all be more inclined to speak out, with a greater capacity to intuitively grasp essentials and in response to daring new thoughts. With Mars and Mercury speeding things up in each other’s signs, it will be important to write things down.

Along with Mercury and Chiron, Venus and dwarf planets Ceres and Eris are all in Aries, and the Moon will meet up with the Sun there for the Aries New Moon. This is a vibrant and dynamic new Moon occurring at 12:30pm on Monday the 12th of April at the 23rd degree of Aries; a degree described as A Pregnant Woman in Light Summer Dress. This speaks to fecundity and inner fulfillment. It is a reminder that positive attitudes and behaviour help to lighten the load of everyone struggling with their burdens.

While planets mostly orbit within 23 degrees of the Ecliptic, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is Out-of-Bounds from 21st of March until the 24th of May. This suggests that Martian energy is inclined to be wild, angry and largely uncontrolled. Eris, Goddess of discord and strife and sister planet to Mars, has been in square to Pluto throughout 2020 and is associated with chaos, awakening and liberation. With her 560 year orbit around the Sun she will maintain this square with Pluto until October 2021.

The new Moon will coincide with a tense square between Venus and Pluto with Venus four degrees away from the Sun and the Moon and Eros even closer. We can expect intense, extreme feelings and passionate emotional responses and we may temporarily feel a little raw and overwhelmed under this stressful influence. The overall feeling of this period is positive and dynamic.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House