We are Family : New Moon in Cancer


With the overriding tone of the 2021 Saturn-Uranus square still so potent, we may be feeling lost in the extreme energy waves taking us forward while shortly thereafter applying the brakes. We are moving into new territory and the Uranian leap forward will eventually win over the Saturnian restrictions. Not only is Uranus the slower moving and therefore more influential planet, but Saturn is also committed to social and futuristic goals in its current journey through Aquarius.


This emotional month of July begins with a short but sharp opposition to Saturn from Mars journeying courageously through Leo. This stop-start energy reminds us of the need for patience and that assertive and instinctual energies need to be structured and disciplined if longer term goals are to be achieved. Shortly thereafter, on the 3rd of July, Mars has a tussle with Uranus bringing an original and rebellious element to one’s assertion. These same aspects to Saturn and Uranus will take on a more harmonious flavour when Venus covers the same ground traversed by Mars on the 7th and 9th of July respectively.


The New Moon occurs at 11:16 am on the 10th of July at 19 degrees of Cancer. This degree is characterised as A Priest Performing a Marriage Ceremony.  It speaks of the rutualisation of productive interpersonal relationships, best viewed in the context of renewal and of making the best of both worlds; combined with a sense of atonement. The Moon is at home in Cancer, in tune with her rhythms while sensitive, loving and protective. This is an emotional New Moon, building intensity as she approaches an opposition to Pluto. It is rendered especially potent with the added influence of the dwarf planet Eris, Goddess of Discord aka the Female Awakener still in square to Pluto. Eris is making her presence felt, while barely moving and about to station to go retrograde. Issues of truth, integrity and power are alive in July with threads of revolution versus repression. Conversations between the inner and outer planets are particularly abundant at this time.


Mercury, in Gemini until the 12th of July, continues to encourage quick, fluent and intelligent communication. No longer retrograde it has gathered momentum and will have cleared its shadow by the time of the New Moon. Yet on the 6th of July Mercury once again squares Neptune turning mental processes towards imaginative explorations and universal themes, amid some confusion.  Mercury then forms an exact opposition with the Galactic Centre at the New Moon. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, rotates around this energy centre, located at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and the Galactic Centre is the size of four million Suns. We can expect some high level information to be available to us at this time, reminding us that we are not alone and that we all part of a larger, even galactic, family.

Mars and Venus are dancing together at the New Moon (exact on 13th of July) combining and blending one’s need to feel pleasure and harmony with the desire nature and the urge for action. With this creative combination occurring in courageous Leo, expect some dramatic flair and focus on your heart and love, starting with self-love, when making future plans at this nurturing New Moon.