Embracing Your Individuality and Sharing Your Gifts at the Aquarius Full Moon

Venus and Mars come together on the 13 July, combining strength with grace, and emotion with passion. This new cycle begins in Leo carrying a sense of generous creative vitality and the urge for recognition, while teaching us something about how we relate to the world around us.

The Sun takes up its annual reign in Leo on the 23rd of July. There’s a lot of fixed energy around at this time making it a good time for standing up for what you believe in and sharing your gifts.  The very next day we have a Full Moon in Aquarius exact at 12:37 pm on Saturday the 24th of July at the second degree characterised as An Unexpected Thunderstorm. It speaks to the need to develop the inner security to enable us to meet unexpected crises. Here we are primarily concerned with social, collective processes and the function of the individual within them. We are reminded at this degree of Aquarius that nature may reduce to impermanence the seemingly most permanent endeavours and constructive activities of human beings. On the other hand flashes of clarity often come like bolts of lightning shooting through mind, body and spirit. This can result in liberation after sudden shock.

The Full Moon’s presence in early Aquarius brings to mind the 22nd of December 2020 Jupiter and Saturn conjunction at the first degree of Aquarius which started both a 20 year cycle and a new 200 year cycle of such unions occurring in air signs. The conjunction of the two social planets anticipates a whole new horizon beckoning, with, a generational new world view which will, in the longer term, oversee dynamic changes in social and political structures and in our values and culture. This renaissance will see innovative technological change, new leaps in our way of viewing the world, and moves towards greater humanitarian collaboration. The shift from the hierarchical materiality of Capricorn into progressive and idealistic Aquarius is aided by a rich and magical symphony of celestial forces at this time. Collectivism, decentralization and people power are some of the higher expressions of Aquarius. And to reinforce the Aquarian theme, the next Full Moon will also occur in this futuristic sign, at the end of the month, in the final degree of Aquarius.

July is a dynamic month and there are lots of energy changes with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars all moving into new signs in the second half of the month.  Venus enters helpful and practical Virgo on the 22nd of July. Having zipped through Cancer in just 16 days, Mercury then moves into playful, sociable and generous Leo on the 28th of July. This is the very same day that Jupiter re-enters Aquarius. Having sped through Aquarius in less than five months, from December to May, Jupiter is backtracking in Aquarius, where it will remain until December,  correcting, perfecting or changing direction in matters to do with grassroots humanitarian ideals, intellectual pursuits, science, daring experimentation and free expression. Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius awakens and enlightens us in some more definitive way. Something is coming alive in us at this time.