Supporting your physical and energetic body
By Vanessa Foley

A few weeks ago, I woke with a blocked left ear.  Nothing that I did in the immediacy upon waking would clear it.  This had been happening on and off over a few months, but this particular morning it was jammed shut and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t clear it.  I was a horror to be around, and was oh-so-grateful that it wasn’t my day rostered on to go to work.  I was snappy with my family and could feel myself spiralling downwards.  I knew that metaphysically this could relate to blocking what I didn’t want to hear, not listening to my own guidance, a refusal to change my mind or broaden my perspective.  Being critical of self.  And others.

Given the times we find ourselves in, this alert from my body should not have been surprising (I can say that now, given that I can fully hear again 😉).  Inna Segal’s fabulous book “The Secret Language of Your Body” teaches that “Your ears are like sponges that absorb information.  There are so many sounds you are unaware of because you are only able to focus on small amounts of information at a time.  Much of what we hear is negative.”.  With the narratives that we are hearing via the media and other online sources right now, this could not be more accurate.  You might be able to relate?  Family members and friends may be feeling more stress than ever before and may be leaning on you for added support.  Everywhere we turn there is talk of vaccines and ‘the virus’.  There are big decisions that need to be made.  For some, vaccination is as straightforward a decision as any.  The next step needed.  For others, the weight of choosing to vaccinate or not can feel like a heavy decision.  Or you may feel like you have no choice at all.

Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten what powerful energetic beings we are.  That we needn’t allow any of the external chatter to make us feel disempowered – especially not at this time.  Nothing could be more important than that we make informed choices about our own health.  Choices that feel right for us. That we take the time to fully consider our options.  That we seek support if we need it.  I’m fortunate in that I have a great team of people around me who I respect enormously and who have helped me in my own decision-making. Being able to have honest, non-judgmental, unbiased discussions over tough topics equals empowered choices.  If you don’t have a friend, mentor or someone who can open-mindedly listen to you, I highly recommend seeking out a practitioner or therapist who you trust.  We all need a team, or a village, or something like that.

I feel lucky that here in Melbourne, right now, amidst this global pandemic that we find ourselves in, we have so many things available to us that we can do to support our immune system and our health in general.  The only shame is that the general narrative isn’t more focused on educating people in this regard.   Our practitioners are able to offer immune support (including pre and post vaccination support to those choosing to be vaccinated) via time-tested modalities such as Chinese Medicine, Western herbal medicine and homeopathy – with excellent results.  All of these modalities are also wonderful (and recommended) for managing stress.

Modalities that work with the energetic body (such as acupuncture, kinesiology, homeopathy, flower essences, Reiki and EFT) can be great at facilitating clearing any blocks or stagnation within the physical body and/or the energetic field.  Kinesiology can teach you so much about your unconscious patterning.  Reiki and flower essences can shift energetic blocks that you didn’t even know you had.  EFT tapping can peel away unconscious layers of resistance and fear. And most of these modalities can be undertaken remotely until face-to-face treatment is able to resume.  Remote sessions can be highly effective.

My top reminders for self-care to support your physical and energetic body right now include:

  • Herbal medicine for immune system support
  • Homeopathy and flower essences to keep energetic vibration in balance and clear
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements such as omega 3 and turmeric to support the physical body
  • Sunshine (and vitamin D supplements if needed)
  • Plenty of seasonal plant foods and immune-boosting wholefoods
  • Supporting the digestive system by eating foods that are lightly cooked/warm (ie some raw foods but not too many), as we transition through spring into the summer months. Avoiding inflammatory foods and sugars is optimal too
  • Gentle exercise including a daily walk (or two)
  • Online yoga and stretching the body
  • Prioritising sleep
  • Meditation and creative visualisation
  • Reach out to our kinesiology, Reiki, EFT and acupuncture team to help clear any blocks
  • Seek professional support for your mental health if you don’t have a trusted mentor. We have a great team of mental health professionals as well as coaching if you need help with moving forward, or to explore your options and make empowered choices
  • Be kind to yourself and don’t leave home without your sense of humour (or your mask)

Let’s embrace this opportunity to care for ourselves and be kind and respectful to each other.


Vanessa is part of our reception team and has 20 years’ experience as a Reiki trainer and flower essence practitioner.  In a past-life, she worked for lawyers.  Thankfully that just feels like a bad dream these days 😉