Creating conscious choices
By Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa, Holistic Wellness Counsellor

I am enough, I am enough, I am enough.

Perhaps if you repeat this phrase often it will feel true? But what if you keep over-committing, feeling the need to do more or to prove something all in the pursuit of feeling ‘enough’?

Perhaps we turn to food for comfort because ice cream can be soothing, or perhaps we lose our temper because we feel unsupported or keep saying yes to show we are enough.  When we start to understand the reasons behind our behaviour, we have an opportunity to choose a different way to respond instead of reacting.

Consciously we are ready for change but is our unconscious mind onboard? Our unconscious mind is running the show – it controls every heartbeat, emotion and process in our body. We can consciously affirm that we want wealth, health, and gratitude but if our unconscious mind does not agree, we experience self-sabotage.

Can you imagine that when you keep consciously saying “I am enough” over and over and your unconscious is saying “actually I don’t think I am!”? Your unconscious mind is showing you at every opportunity that perhaps you need to be perfect. It can become an internal war that can spiral into feelings of guilt and shame. Judith Richards, creator of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) says “with affirmations you can see the unconscious push back, it says I will show you and creates more issues”.

Increasing our consciousness through practices such as meditation, observing and therapy creates new perspectives and choices. Though yoga and meditation we aim to bring ourselves in alignment of body, mind and spirit. When this occurs, we come into Being. So rather than just saying an affirmation like “I am enough” when we slow our breath, ground ourselves in our body and say “I choose to know I am enough” all our being comes on board and we can experience a meaningful shift.

When we say “I choose to know I am enough”, we are inviting the unconscious and the conscious mind to create a partnership and come into alignment so we no longer experience the push back that Judith Richards identifies. It must be stated as a clear and strong decision that you feel at the depth of your being. Try this with “I choose to know that it is now SAFE for me to know I am enough” and take the time to pause and feel you are enough. Invite the feeling into your whole being.

During The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) we are communicating with the unconscious mind to create the shifts that we consciously choose. The process heals patterns that may have caused negative unconscious beliefs so you can feel safe and know that you deserve the change you want to make, so you step into experiencing the truth of who you are – your authentic self. Every aspect of you will begin to know that “I choose to know I am enough” and this brings freedom!

Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa can help you identify unconscious beliefs and help you be your best. Healing trauma from the past and visioning the future that you would like to create. She is available at Kundalini House on Tuesday mornings for in person appointments or online during the week for TRTP or a Strategic Mapping Session.

Dharamjot is joining Lee Beaton at Kundalini House who also offers TRTP. Having two TRTP practitioners offering this exciting modality is an opportunity for clients, who are ready to turn inwards and heal the impacts of the past and begin a more positive, healthy and healing relationship with themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Adverse childhood events can be considerably damaging to us it’s, not necessarily just big T- Traumas. Decode your health and healing with TRTP.