Transformational Change at the Scorpio New and Taurus Full Moon Eclipses

While not becoming exact this year, the Saturn-Uranus square which dominated the zeitgeist in 2021 is nevertheless close throughout October. The Taurus Full Moon Eclipse will further accentuate its impact in early November, before it fades into the background. To date we have witnessed conflicts between conservative and radical ideologies and tussles between the old and the new and freedom and control in its wake. Cyber-security attacks, wars and social unrest have gone alongside an awakening to humanity’s connection with mother earth, fuelling the embracing of efforts to address climate change and a focus on breaking out of destructive old habits while envisaging a better world. Uranus, the Great Awakener, remains in Taurus until July 2025, continuing to bring changes in our values and the way we conceive matter and material things (money, the body and the earth).

A momentous shift, already being felt, formally commences on the 23rd of October with a once in 100 -150 year movement of the Venus Star Point (Venus-Sun conjunction) back from Scorpio into Libra. This rare shift will affect the zeitgeist for years to come.  Given the need for a shift in the way humans interact with each other and with nature, this move away from Mars associated Scorpio into the Venusian sign of Libra is yet another sign of a shift in the balance from male to female energy.

The very same day the Sun enters Scorpio and shortly afterwards, at 8:50 pm on the 25th of October, we experience a partial solar eclipse at the New Moon. At two degrees of Scorpio this is described as A Delicate Bottle of Perfume Lies Broken, Releasing its Fragrance. It references the accidental nature of opportunities that impel one to break away from a past, the remembrance of which is still poignant and cherished. With the Moon and Sun less than one degree from Venus, also in Scorpio, this is an especially potent time for connecting to your higher self and reassessing your values in anticipation of transformation and heart expansion. At best you may experience deep understanding and an important revelation. The focus is on mortality, financial issues and the karmic nature of key relationships. An eclipse is felt for some time before and after the actual event and this partial solar eclipse is closely linked with the total lunar eclipse that follows a couple of weeks later. As well as a focus on intimate relationships, we may ponder the importance of community and of building social connections at this time.

Jupiter will remain in retrograde until late November, revisiting Pisces on the 27th of October and until late December. Openness to grace, compassion for all who suffer and the hope and/or disillusionment of the collective consciousness are all on the radar at this time. Something that has been hidden to date may be revealed during this time. On the 31st of October Mars stations retrograde and it will keep going backwards through Gemini until January 2023, helping us to make different choices and addressing scattered energies.

The Taurus Full Moon at 9:01 pm on the 8th of November is a particularly powerful total lunar eclipse partly visible in Australia. Uranus will be less than a degree away from the Moon and Mercury only eight minutes from the Sun, as well as forming a square with Saturn at this powerful lunar eclipse─marking a final intense burst of the Saturn-Uranus square. Anticipate the unexpected and sudden breakthroughs and life-changing events are possible, but beware of wild weather or any tendency to be reckless. Fittingly the Full Moon at 17 degrees is described as An Old Teacher Fails to Interest his Pupils in Traditional Knowledge. This speaks to an emphasis on the need for change and the inadequacy of past knowledge in a time of crisis.

Astrology by Gil Dwyer

Gil is an astrologer, editor and writer, with a Sagittarian passion for understanding what makes people tick. She believes that astrology can help to set the soul free and is a rich and wonderful way to explore the lifetime journey towards living the authentic self. Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency, Agent 25 first learnt to construct a natal chart by hand in the 1970s, holds a Diploma in Applied Astrology from the Chiron Centre which she finished in 2012 with the thesis Weird, Shocking and Unconventional: A Moon-Uranus Tale. She also has an Honours Degree in Sociology and a long history of social research, policy and planning in public health, women’s health and Aboriginal health and welfare. Gil has been doing a regular astrology blog for Kundalini House since 2017 and has been a keen Kundalini Yoga and QiGong student and member of Kundalini House for six years.  (