Dr Tan’s Balancing Method is an amazing way of effectively treating all manner of health conditions, but particularly effective in relieving pain anywhere in the body.  Results are often instant.

Pain can be experienced in many different ways and can be difficult to quantify, or describe.  For an acupuncturist, pain is described using in many different ways.  It might deep, stabbing, shooting, referred, numb, tingling, aching, or burning,.  It can be chronic or acute.  It can be physical, sensory, or emotional.  It is all pain.  It all hurts, and it can all be treated using Dr Tan’s Balancing Method.

With Dr Tan’s Balancing method, we are less interested in HOW the pain is felt, yet most interested in WHERE it is felt.  We look for the “sick” meridian, or acupuncture channels where the pain is being experienced.  We then select points on corresponding channels, or mirrored parts of the body to treat the pain.  For example, if you have left wrist pain, one of Dr Tan’s balancing method techniques would be to treat and needle acupuncture points on channels of the right ankle.  It is a fascinating way of treating the body as a mirror image of itself.   And the results speak for themselves.

Dr Tan’s balancing method can bring about incredible and instant pain relief for most pain conditions, whether chronic or acute.  Many pain conditions are currently surfacing with the change of weather.  The crisp, cold autumn air often makes us feel our body differently.  Also, as winter approaches, he time of stillness and hibernation, which often means less movement.  This in turn, often makes certain aches and  pains become apparent.

If this style of treatment interests you, please make an appointment to see Brooke on a Wednesday or alternate Saturday morning at Kundalini House.

BrookeBrooke Campbell is a long time registered acupuncturist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) degree, with almost 20 years experience, who is completely inspired by this method of treating.  She has recently completed an intensive training course with Dr Eileen Han of San Diego, California.  Dr Han worked closely under Dr Tan for many years until his death in 2015. She recently spent time in Melbourne sharing her immense knowledge and experience with Brooke and other acupuncturists from all over the country to learn this amazing style of acupuncture.

Brooke holds a BHSc (Chinese Medicine), and Cert IV Remedial Therapies, and is registrated with AHPRA and AACMA.