What is Iridology?

Iridology (or Iris Analysis) involves a detailed, safe and non-invasive examination of the iris, in which your body’s inherent dispositions and constitutional strengths and weaknesses can be revealed. Characteristics such as physical markings, colour and pigment, pupil size and iris fibre structure can give insight into how your body is most likely to operate and react in its best and worst state.

For example, the base fibre structure of your eye can tell you if you’re the robust type that can burn the candle at both ends and get away with it (most of the time!), or if you are the type to be sensitive emotionally, and have a deeper understanding of your own and others emotional needs. Knowing these traits can not only assist in the treatment of disease, but can act as a preventative – forewarned is forearmed!

While it is not a definitive diagnostic technique for specific disease states, understanding which elements of your body may need more attention or nurturing than others can enhance the prevention of ill health and disease.

A tool commonly used in Naturopathic practice, it can deepen your understanding and connection with your body, while facilitating unique and tailored treatment plans to suit you based on your iris’ constitution.

rebecca van horssen naturopathRebecca van Horssen has been practicing Naturopathy since 2015 and Kinesiology since 2013.
She is available for appointments at our Health Clinic on Saturdays and as an on-the-floor Naturopath for basic/acute advice Monday-Friday.