Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity is Regained 

Jupiter and Pluto are combining at this new Moon in a way that resonates with the annual theme of Jupiter in Scorpio. This reinforces the theme of bringing things out into the light for clearing, especially in relation to power and sexuality. It should be an exciting time as the Sun has its annual catch up with Uranus. For the last time in over eight decades the Sun Uranus encounter occurs in the sign of Aries. Uranus is associated with lightning bolt breakthroughs and sudden change. (The day that Uranus entered Aries in March 2011, we witnessed the Fukushima disaster). We can expect some kind of awakening and a release of energy.

The new Moon occurs just before midday on Monday the 16th of April, as Mercury is slowing to once again move forward. This could be a good time to take a moment to enjoy yourself, especially after the hard work you have likely put in over the past few weeks and in light of the busy time to come. The Sabian Symbol for this Moon at 27 degrees of Aries is Through Imagination, A lost opportunity is Regained. Linking this with the messenger Mercury’s recent retrograde movement over previous terrain, perhaps its forward movement will enable us to re-imagine and regain something of significance.

Chiron, the wounded healer, will move into Aries after its eight year sojourn in Pisces on Tuesday the 17th of April. From a focus on spirituality and the mind body connection in Pisces, its move into Aries will bring a timely opportunity for healing the wounded ego. This will be the first time, since its discovery in 1977, that Chiron has transited the first sign of the zodiac. With Chiron’s entry into Aries we can anticipate collective and personal opportunity and courage for deep healing of the wounded ego, and particularly the wounded masculine. This can be a time for profound transformation in relation to our human nature, as grounded in our physical body. With Chiron in Pisces we have been healing our relationship with the divine, beyond a faith so often tainted by partisan and fear based religion. Perhaps we have neglected the importance of our corporeal existence in this process.

Over the next eight years until 2026, we are being asked to remember that we exist in a human body and to honor the importance of building and maintaining a healthy ego. We will have ample opportunity to heal those aspects of our self which we have previously not embraced or expressed. We are being guided from an instinctual place to acknowledge our unique human attributes, to move beyond lack of confidence or misplaced shame. It has been suggested that this next phase of Chiron in Aries may also witness breakthroughs in new modalities of how we relate to the body.

The period between the 15th and 24th of April is especially charged and it is likely to be a tumultuous time, on both the personal and collective levels. Expect an exciting and character building couple of weeks.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House.