Interview with Anna Diep, Holistic Living Coach


Welcome to Kundalini House Anna, we are so excited that you are now part of our Kundalini House team as a Holistic Living Coach! We would love to learn more about you and your practice, so we put together some questions for you.

What made you come to KH in the first place?

I was introduced to Kundalini yoga by a good friend and really loved not ­­­only KH yoga classes but also the energy of the center and the people that frequent it. I’ve been wanting to find a second space to practice my holistic living coaching and KH had everything I was hoping for – a beautiful healing space, a like-minded community, and a whole lot of heart in the way it’s run.

What will you bring to KH as a practitioner?

As a holistic living coach I bring a new alternative form of healing therapy to KH health clinic. I aim to create a nurturing healing space for those needing support and guidance in their journey of personal growth and self-realization. I strive to extend my support to people of all diverse backgrounds, genders and sexualities, including the LGBTIQ communities, their families and friends.

How would you describe Holistic Living Coaching and what can we expect from an appointment with you?

Holistic Living Coaching is a gentle, yet powerful transformative process designed to support you through life’s big changes and help you find clarity from within. The holistic coaching process can provide rapid results as it relies on action, not just words. In our coaching sessions you are empowered to recalibrate and understand life from a different perspective, and are guided to make deep change to regain balance and purpose in your life.

What would we come and see you for?

Life can throw a lot of challenges our way – relationship breakdown, midlife crisis, career upheaval, family conflict, emotional impairment (anxiety, grief) – often in these times there doesn’t seem to be a way out or a way forward. A Holistic Living Coach supports you during such time by helping you identify deep-rooted issues and guiding you towards finding resolution, while providing you with the support and mental tools to take back control of your life.

What made you decide to become a Holistic Living Coach? What personal life experiences led you to build your practice?

Life has thrown some interesting challenges my way. Loss and adversity were my companions in younger years, and surviving and rebuilding have been my life mantra. Becoming a holistic living coach was the result of a life-changing mental, emotional and spiritual shift that helped me discover my true essence and my purpose, and I have never looked back. Being a holistic living coach is the perfect total sum of who I am, the life I lived and the lessons I learnt.

Has practicing as a Holistic Living Coach influenced your life? And has being a practitioner changed the way you experience the world and people around you?

Training as a holistic living coach started a transformative process for me. I was empowered to grow and heal, and through my learning I witnessed my life transform and my true self emerge. It has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal development, and one that continues to evolve as I help my clients go through theirs. My approach to life has changed greatly; I take great joy in living authentically, in connecting with our shared humanity and in nurturing my relationship with self and others.


We are looking at relationships for the month of May and one of the most difficult ones can be the one we have with ourselves. Do you have any tips that can support us in fostering a healthy and kind relationship to ourselves?


A holistic living toolkit for a healthier & happier you

We are holistic beings and all parts of us – mind, body, spirit, emotions – are interconnected. When every part is supported, holistic balance is experienced and a person’s full potential in love, career, health and happiness are attained.

Choosing to live holistically is choosing to care for oneself on all levels. This simple but mindful toolkit will help keep you centered and balanced. Like all forms of self-care it takes time and commitment, so practice it daily, be gentle with yourself, and choose to live a life that fulfills you completely.

– Adopt a holistic outlook – we choose our reality, life is learning, our world mirrors us

– Care for your emotions – choose to value, support and heal your feelings as a priority

– Make peace with your mind – learn to meditate and develop supportive thoughts

– Nurture your body – take responsibility for your physical health and wellbeing

– Support your spiritual self – choose a belief system that is love-based, not fear-based

– Make peace with humanity – nurture your relationships, heal the past, create harmony


Thank you, Anna!



Book in May and June and receive 2 treatments for the price of one! That’s only $120 for two sessions! Contact Anna to arrange your special appointments.



Anna Diep offers appointments for Holistic Living Coaching at Kundalini House on Tuesdays. Find out more here!

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