A Different Take on Coffee

Here’s an interesting take on coffee..are you drinking it for you? Or for others?

I road tested this idea today, I had a meeting, one in which I perceived that I needed to be switched on and to have a focused mind. So before the meeting I reached for the coffee – because we all know that coffee boosts your productivity…mmm does it? Or does it make you talk so fast you don’t finish a thought, sweat like crazy and say yes to things you don’t actually want to say yes to? So I asked myself: Whom am I drinking coffee for? The answer: My perception of what I thought others would want from me. So I instead had a chamomile tea…that’s outrageous you say, chamomile makes you sleepy…

But: chamomile is a great herb that calms the nervous system in small amounts, like a cup. Chamomile engages the vagus nerve linked to digestion which means that during the meeting I was calm in the stomach, had clarity – not nervous gut clenching energy – and was able to articulate my Yes and my No, based on this sense of calmness.

Because what I needed was to be calm, not wired. My energy was still there but it wasn’t bounding ahead of me. So next time you reach for a coffee, ask your self this simple question:

Whom am I drinking this for?


Ps coffee is not necessarily the issue, like any plant it gives in the right situation. But listening to your body provides you with a clearer choice.

Much warmth, Beth


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