The story of the pirate snore.

A beautiful sister came for a Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Journey to clear anything that may be preventing her from accessing her blueprint and to commune with the beings that love her unconditionally..

A regular day in the clinic for a crystal medicine woman. We cleared some past life trauma including a situation with a beloved who had worked some voodoo magic on her energetic body locking her heart and leaving her unable to love another. This beloved appeared in her dreaming as a VERY handsome pirate with long dark hair, chiseled jaw and piercing chocolate brown eyes with a love of the rum they both shared. After agreements were dissolved through tears and an emotional farewell where the pirate still declared his love, the pirate returned to source and the client felt light, spacious and free throughout her being. A sense of a long held bond that no longer served them had been released and allowed them both to be free. Allowing the client to feel free to love again and her heart no longer felt locked down..

Interestingly enough the client had been a long time snorer. The type of consistent snore that rubbles through a room consistently and rhythmically like a constant machine that only a drunken sailor could create. Baffling the senses that a sound like this could be created from a small, petite, gentle woman. After her shamanic journey healing a side effect of the clearing was the snore seemed to dissipate..  And all those that share a sleeping space with or near her, celebrate!
Rachel Hanrahan offers Shamanic Journeying on Fridays at Kundalini House
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