Viatl energy is everything.

Your vitality is the unique expression of you. Look after it with our Kundalini House tips!


1. Start your day with a coffee scrub and cold shower! Bring circulation to your skin and shed any dead skin cells.

Special tip: get into recycling and head to your local coffee shop to pick up a bag of left-over coffee ground! It’s environmentally friendly and skin friendly and FREE!


2. Practice Pranayam (breathing exercises). One of our top pics: Four Part Breath (Samavritti). Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Hold. Repeat.

Extra tip: breathe consciously. Simply observe your breath and let it take its natural course.


3. Sit in bed with a cup of tea and just be. Let the silence envelope and carry you.


4. Have a glass of warm water.


5. Go outside and connect with nature or your house plants. Talk to them, hug them, marvel at them – they are sentient beings just like you.


6. Do tapping. Connect with your body by tapping on it lightly with your finger tips. You can combine it with repeating loving words, mantras or affirmations silently in your mind.


7. Swimming, brisk walking, cycling, dancing, yoga, ….. enjoy the movement of your body and trust your capacities.


8. Have a hot foot bath. The water needs to be too hot for the feet but hot enough for the hands. Mix in one teaspoon of salt. Begin by tapping the soles of your feet on the water’s surface. Then soak your feet. They should be nice and pink when you are done. (Please make sure the water is at an ok temperature for your hands, if it’s too hot to touch: let it cool down! Don’t burn yourself)


9. Legs up the wall. Lie on the grund with your legs up the wall for 10-15 minutes.


10. Get to bed early, around 9.30-10pm to reap the most benefits from your sleep. Get 8-9hours of rest each night and try to get to bed at the same time each night.

Special tip: Get to bed at 9.30pm for a month! Have a diary ready to keep you going and record your experience. You will feel like you’ve been on the most relaxing holiday ever!


Have you get tips to stay vital and energised and connected? We want to hear from you!