Happy Astrological New Year and a Full Moon highlighting Relationships

The second half of March contrasts the first, enabling the dreams we conjured earlier in the month, under the sway of a particularly Piscean New Moon, to be turned into reality. This is aided by the power and intensity of Mars as it makes things concrete in Taurus. The power of Mars is aided through its interactions with the serious and mature energy of Saturn on the 14th of March and then the passionate and transformative energy of Pluto on Wednesday the 20th of March.


The annual entry of the Sun into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, sets the astrological tone for the next three months, while marking the Spring Equinox, otherwise known as the Solar New Year. This time for new beginnings occurs at 8:58 am on Thursday the 21st of March. The Spring Equinox and the Libran Full Moon are both intensified by the timing of this Full Moon, just under four hours after the Spring Equinox.

The Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the first degree of Libra and Aries at this time, highlighting the need to balance the urge for individual self assertion with the security of close relationship. Venus in freedom loving Aquarius is forming a tense 90 degree angular relationship with Mars in Taurus, itself a sign associated with Venus, further refining the focus on deep and transformative relationship themes so central to this Full Moon.

In Aries the Sun radiates forceful and confident vitality, and the energy is that of the explorer, the pioneer and the individual. There’s some deep healing to be had on these themes and particularly as they intersect with relationships, as the Sun meets up with Chiron the wounded healer at the second degree of Aries.

While Full Moons are a time of culmination and release, this fifth Full Moon in a row in the first degree of its respective sign also once again suggests new beginnings. This is the final of three Super Moons for 2019. If there ever were a symbol for the need to let go at the time of the Full Moon the Sabian Symbol for this degree encapsulates it as A Butterfly Preserved and Made Perfect with a Dart Through it.

While Mercury went retrograde in the last degree of Pisces on the 6th of March, making for a very dreamy and immersive communications experience (if somewhat chaotic), it will once again turn direct on the 29th of March at the same degree of the zodiac currently occupied by Neptune. With Neptune taking 165 years to orbit the Sun, it will be less than a full degree from the point of the very Piscean New Moon two weeks earlier, when it spends some time with Mercury as it slows to move forward once more.

At the end of the month Mars leaves the slow and steady get things done Taurus, for the more excitable and mercurial energy of Gemini.