We are very excited and pleased to welcome a new Therapist here at Kundalini House Melanie June, who will be working at with us on Saturdays, starting on the 13th April. Her presence prompted us to launch a new Therapy page on our website. It is to promote and display all the amazing Sacred Therapies that we now offer at Kundalini House. Check it out!

Melanie, you offer a range of different modalities from Hypnotherapy to Past life regression, can you tell us a little of your journey and how you started doing the work you do? 

For as long as I can remember, I’d always been deeply intuitive and sensitive to energy. My interest started in yoga and meditation and my journey evolved naturally from there. After a trip to Thailand, I got quite sick whilst living in London and really struggled to get my vitality back for a long time and Western medicine wasn’t really able to help me in that area. I’d also been through some difficult experiences in my life, I consciously wanted to let go of, yet wasn’t sure how to. I didn’t want to resign myself to feeling that way, so I immersed myself in the study of Energy Healing and found it really shifted things for me on an emotional and physical level, sparking my desire to assist others on their own unique healing journey.

You offer a therapy called Auset Temple Egyptian Healing, this is a new therapy for us at Kundalini House. Can you tell us a little about it and what it offers your clients?

Auset Temple Egyptian Healing is a beautiful hands on healing system based on Ancient Healing methods and Alchemy. Whilst I’ve studied more popular forms of energy healing such as Reiki, a Japanese method of healing, I immediately connected more with this healing system, having always felt an affinity with Egypt.

A powerful and relaxing therapy, it works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, releasing blockages, elevating your vibration, releasing stress, stuck or unwanted emotional energy, revitalizing your aura and energy system to bring you into balance and alignment.

As a practitioner, what health practice/advice/tip do you recommend for clients that you think can make a difference to our lives and health?

Many of us acknowledge our emotional health and physical health go hand in hand, however we often forget our energetic health and the difference it can make to our lives. Everything is energy and we are all sensitive to energy on varying levels. We can start the day off feeling great and positive, we might be eating all the right foods and doing all the right things, yet we come home feeling totally drained sometimes even unsure why our mood or energy level has shifted so dramatically. Perhaps we have been in a crowded environment, in a demanding workplace or around vulnerable people. We can do simple little things however to shift our vibration, like go for a walk or sit in nature, have a salt bath which is very cleansing for the aura or even just visualizing a colour like purple flowing from the top of the head through the body washing away any energy that we would like to let go of.

If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions for Melanie, please contact her at:  mel@lightalchemyhealing.com.au or https://lightalchemyhealing.com.au