Amidst the Chaos: Raising your frequency at the Aries New Moon

I write this column with a very dreamy vibe in the air, as Mercury slows to go direct right on the spot currently occupied by Neptune, the slow moving ruler of Pisces. This Mercury Neptune union continues right up to the Aries New Moon on Friday the 5th of April. Venus, which represents the lower icon of Neptune, also enters Pisces on Thursday the 28th of March, adding to the harmony of this imaginative vibe. Having spent the totality of this first of three retrograde periods for the year in dreamy (if somewhat chaotic) Pisces, Mercury goes direct again on Friday the 29th of March allowing us to be more straightforward in our communication.

On Sunday 31st March Mars leaves the slow and steady get things done Taurus, for the more excitable and mercurial energy of Gemini.

The Aries New Moon occurs at 7:50 pm on Friday the 5th of April with the Moon and Sun both in the 16th degree of Aries. At this New Moon we may want to plan a new start in relation to our identity, our individuality and how we regard ourselves. The Sabian Symbol for this degree of the zodiac, Brightly Clad Nature Spirits Dancing in the Warm Dying Light, evokes images of the possibility of receiving help with this from beyond the rational realms.  


Meanwhile at the New Moon the Sun and Moon are forming a loose right angle with Pluto, the South Node of the Moon and Saturn, all hanging out within three degrees of each other in Capricorn. Pluto is right on the South Node of the Moon from late March until the 19th of April. Under its cosmic influence we are being asked, on an especially deep level, to confront and transmute existing patterns of behavior that are creating limitations and blocks to our further evolutionary growth. This may involve fear, self doubt or self discipline issues that are standing in the way of our path to aligning more closely with our authentic self. The involvement of the South Node highlights the nodal axis at this time, with the future oriented North Node in Cancer evoking the importance of emotional security and reminding us that the quest for physical, structural or financial security coming from the past with the South Node in Capricorn will not alone sustain us.


Jupiter goes retrograde on the 10th of April for the first time since July 2018 and stays in that more internalized and revising mode until mid August, providing an excellent opportunity for additional soul searching particularly as regards life beyond earth and reaching for the stars and our full potential. We can expect gifts and opportunities at this time particularly in regard to our spiritual and emotional life. This may be a time to rediscover one’s faith. The sheer beneficence of Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius may be more under the spotlight during its retrograde phase. Perhaps the truth will set us free at this time!