Manifest your wildest dreams this New Moon- By Melanie June


There is a new moon in Gemini tonight, which is a great time to begin new projects, business or focus on what you want to bring into creation. Whilst it’s a great time to manifest and work with the energy of the moon, you also want to take those physical steps and actions to bring your dreams into reality. Focused intention, followed through with physical action is going to have far greater results. We do live in a physical world after all!

That’s not to say magic doesn’t happen, however if what you are wanting is just happening at a thought form level, it can be a little wishy washy and changeable like the weather or our mood. What gets in the way of action? You may point the finger and come up with a number of excuses, however mostly it’s us, our ego, aka fear and we get in our own way.

Fear can be paralysing and it is old mate procrastinations best friend. Having a go and putting yourself out there takes courage and I admire people that have a go, regardless of the outcome. With my background in filmmaking, I realise how much blood sweat and tears goes into making a project, whether it’s amazing or something you end up not wanting to see the light of day. People can be incredibly harsh and cruel of others work or goals, this mostly comes from those in a cycle of inaction, however.

Forget the dream crushers! If people are talking about you, you are probably doing something right and it’s a desperate attempt to put out your light before it shines too bright! Unfortunately there are those that don’t realise we live in an unlimited universe and think one persons success means another persons failure. That’s their lesson though, not to concern yourself with.

When we become distracted by the thoughts, opinions and actions of others, we lose our focus and it waters down our energy and makes the un-manifest more difficult to manifest. Sure those daggers can hurt, however it’s more of a tragedy if you allow them to take you off course, lower your vibration and put you out of alignment with your dreams. In an ideal world we would all support each other and celebrate each other’s successes, unfortunately it’s a problem pretty ingrained in society however. If we wait for others approval, we could be waiting for a long time.


I’ve had many of a time, where people have looked at me like I have stars in my eyes, however these days I find the idea of having starry eyes quite becoming. I love seeing people get excited about an idea, having the courage to start a small business or even Boy George rocking a pair of pants covered in smiley faces and a top hat. Because why? Because why not! Passion is infectious and we all want a piece of it. Imagine what the world would be like if the Bowie’s of the world hadn’t dared to be different. Historically many visionary’s we now celebrate, weren’t admired or even persecuted in their time, however we can’t let that stop us leaving our unique footprint on the world.

For many on spiritual, creative or small business paths, it can feel like a labor of love, however it’s a beautiful thing to want to share something special with the world. Whilst it may seem like some people are an overnight success, often there has been years behind the scenes building up that energy, that the force gets to a point where it’s so strong, it can’t help but happen!

Many of the most successful people have come from humble beginnings, however there has been that willingness to take a risk. If you feel like you are on the wrong side of comfortable, use that to catapult you forward. We can’t sit back and wait for things to happen to us and feel hard done by when it doesn’t.

When it comes to to the phases of the moon or astrology forecast, it’s like a weather forecast. It can let us know when would be an optimal time to do things or alternatively when to perhaps revise, rethink or replan things, like in a retrograde phase.  Ultimately you have to be the driving force though and utilise the energy with focused action. If you stay at home and don’t have any follow through, you aren’t really giving the universe the opportunity to deliver your wishes to you. If you are seeking a new job, put your feelers out there, send out applications, talk to people, pitch that project. Or if you are seeking a new partner, go out, say yes to invitations and if a handsome stranger strikes a conversation with you, be receptive.

We are a co-creator in manifestation, which means being an active participant in working with universal energy. Sometimes we say we want something, however subconsciously and energetically we say something else and can sabotage our success. Being in a state of allowance is integral, so be open to receive whatever gifts the universe may have in store for you.
Dare to dream this month! If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Wisdom is one of our greatest teachers. Don’t give up when you are on the cusp of something special. Life doesn’t just happen, we have free will and remaining idle is a choice in itself. We all have something valuable to offer the world,  so channel this new moon energy to manifest your wildest dreams!

Big heart,

Melanie June


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