Change your thoughts, change your world! Manifest with Hypnosis- By Melanie June

With the Wednesday the 3rd of July New Moon Solar Eclipse (Australian time), it’s a great gateway to make a fresh start. We often associate New Moons, with what we want to manifest and bring in to fruition, however our ability to cultivate manifestation often depends on whether we are able to let go of the past. Whether we can silence the inner critic, the negative self-talk, suspend our disbelief and believe we are indeed a co-creator of our reality.


Unfortunately all the vision boards or moon manifestation in the world are going to be pretty ineffectual, if you can’t align your thoughts and vibration with them and truly believe they are possible.

Life can certainly have its ups and downs and many of us have had experiences that have been shattering to our self-esteem. We haven’t all been blessed with supportive relationships, family members, bosses, friends and while certain experiences can knock our confidence, it’s important to pick ourselves up and regain our strength and optimism. You can certainly be forgiven for having difficulties trusting people or feeling like you have to look over your shoulder, however worrying unfortunately tends to be our worst enemy in terms of bringing in exactly what we don’t, as is wanting something out of a sense of lack.

While it’s natural to feel disappointment by setbacks or the behaviour of others, when you stay in the vibration of victimisation, you allow the thoughts and attitudes of others to dictate your inner world, you remain in a place of disempowerment and tend to create resistance to what you do want. Many of us turn inward, retreat, withdraw our self-love when we need it the most. We often avoid putting ourselves out there again to avoid the disappointment and pain, however this really blocks us from living our full potential.

Moving forward, sometimes a challenging experience can propel us to new heights or help us to get clear or revaluate, what it is we really do want. I often meet clients who feel lost, lack confidence and feel stuck, however it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m passionate about seeing people shine and embody their true worth, regardless of their history.


So how can hypnosis help with manifestation? Hypnotherapy accesses the unconscious mind, where the memory of such experiences are stored. You can reprogram your unconsciousness with suggestions that are conducive to your development, that are self- loving, confident, supportive of self and aligned with your goals. Much of our conditioning and thought patterns are stored in the unconscious. Sometimes we can consciously really want something, however unconsciously we are self-sabotaging. Sometimes a pattern has been ingrained for so long that it can be difficult to shift on a conscious level when, we can’t even recall where it even stemmed from.

Many manifestation or law of attraction books talk about changing your thoughts and vibration, however the results can be limited, if you are attempting to shift things only on a conscious level.

Where most people slip with manifestation, is they aren’t able to shift their consciousness and vibration long enough to bring their desires into their reality. Should you judge yourself for this? No way! Humans have been programmed to worry and life happens! I know I’ve had my moments of worrying that I’m worrying, which just creates more worry! You wouldn’t expect to win a body building competition overnight, so having mental mastery and shifting yourself into alignment can be a process that takes time to finesse. Sometimes there’s an energy within us unprocessed, that just wants to be acknowledged and released.

So why combine hypnosis with Energy Healing? Energy healing clears stuck or blocked energy stored in the aura and energy bodies, whilst hypnosis heals the unconscious. People naturally go into a deeply relaxed state when receiving energy healing, so they work in beautiful synergy to enhance the process and shift your vibration.

If you aren’t getting the results you desire, or are finding you keep repeating the same vicious cycles, it could be time to look at your unconscious or what some people refer to as your shadow.

Remember our thoughts are powerful and if we change our thoughts, we can change our world!

Big Heart,

Melanie June


Melanie June, offers Holistic Hypnosis and Energy Healing, as well as a range of transformative therapies, to help you let go of what isn’t serving you and bring you into alignment. Melanie also offers Spiritual Healings, Intuitive Readings, Past Life Regression and more. Melanie offers in person consultations from Kundalini House, in Fitzroy North on Saturdays and Skype consultations. For a full list of services check out

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