Tell us a little about your work these last few years?

Over the last few years I have been working alongside private midwives in their family clinic. I helped to look after many pregnant women and postpartum using Chinese Medicine. It was such a joy to work closely with some amazing midwives and their extensive knowledge on everything pregnancy. Prior to this I was working in a clinic that heavily focuses on fertility and IVF support. It was a wonderful opportunity to combine Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine to help achieve better outcomes for patients.


Can you tell us a little bit about how this ancient medicine is helping to improve couples chances of falling pregnant with IVF?

Chinese Medicine can be so useful for individuals and couples throughout their IVF journeys by helping to relax the body and to decrease stress levels.  The IVF journey can be quite stressful and acupuncture can be really helpful during this time. It can be used at any time during the IVF process to help support the individual or couples during what can be an emotional and difficult time. Chinese Medicine is used to help optimise fertility by tailoring each treatment to the individual needs at that particular time.


How has Chinese Medicine shaped the way you approach health for you and your family?

Chinese Medicine is always about trying to achieve a balance. When the body is in balance there will be harmony. One particular thing I aim to do for myself and my family is trying to eat a diet that focuses on the seasons and eating foods that are in season. For example, eating warming foods in Winter such as root vegetables and nourishing soups rather than salads and eating cooling fruits such as watermelon during the hotter months. I also try to listen to my body more to see what it needs. If I feel run down or tired, I try to slow down and rest and be kind to myself. I find that these little routines help me to maintain good immunity and balance in day-to-day life.


Sarina Works on Mondays at Kundalini House

Sarina Keam

BAppSc (Chinese Med/Human Biology), BAppSc (Phys Ed), AHPRA, AACMA

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