Believe in yourself at the Capricorn Full Moon/ Partial Lunar Eclipse

The current eclipse season started with the 17th of June Sagittarian Full Moon, which so poetically occurred right at the galactic centre of the universe. While the portal will close at the next New Moon in Leo on the 1st of August, the influence of the July eclipse may continue for some time to come. Astrologer Adam Gainsburg sets the context thus: ‘An eclipse is a physical manifestation of an extraordinary evolutionary possibility – to leave the known world behind and gain access to a very different reality with direct gifts for improving things when we return’.


On Wednesday the 3rd of July the first eclipse of the pair, a total Solar Eclipse at the Cancerian New Moon, gave us the opportunity to collectively let go of some fear and loneliness, thus allowing more space in our lives for joy and love. As this super-charged eclipse occurred before dawn it was not visible in Australia, although powerful none the less!


In recent weeks talkative Mercury and assertive Mars have been travelling quite closely together, with both now in the dramatic sign of Leo. With Mercury stationing to go retrograde on Saturday the eight of July it will remain close to Mars until the 15th of July, suggesting fighting words, impulsivity, risky behaviour and hot heads leading into the lunar eclipse. Try to harness this energy creatively to push past stage fright and the fear of rejection. Chiron will also go retrograde on the 10th of July in assertive Aries, adding more fire to the mix and providing the opportunity to review and heal wounds to our self-confidence. This eclipse season is clearly a time to gain self-belief and to move forward with more confidence.


The Full Moon occurs at 7:38 am on Wednesday the 17th of July and at 25 degree of Capricorn it speaks to the value of the dedication and inspiration of a group practicing a tradition and keeping cultural symbols alive and to the benefits that society can bring its members. In turn the Sun’s position refers to inner strength and the response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive willful endeavors. Weather permitting, the associated blood red lunar eclipse will be visible a couple of hours before dawn, with the Moon setting just before the eclipse becomes exact.


Those power and control themes of Saturn and Pluto moving towards their significant meeting on January 2020 are still fueling the fire. With Venus opposing Saturn at this eclipse, karmic relationship issues can be activated and relationships may be at a crossroads. Some may feel somewhat cut-off from relationships at this time and karmic issues concerning money may also be at play. Venus and Neptune’s dance at this time is deepening our access to spiritual connections, compassion and empathy and the insights available at the eclipse will have an especially healing focus. No doubt with Pluto close to the eclipse point we can expect unconscious emotions and memories to emerge and it will be important to try to develop the trust that you will be able to handle life’s challenges. Beware of obsessive behaviour and remind yourself of the human tendency to see in others the reflection of one’s own projections. Finally it would be worthwhile to take a journey with the eclipse rather than trying to make firm decisions about the future at this point.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House