A Glimpse of the Future in the Age of Aquarian at the Aquarian New Moon


As we move into a new Saturn-Pluto cycle we are experiencing the deaththrows of old systems on so many levels, while some corruption and lack of integrity does not appear to be shifting fast enough. In Australia we are witnessing the devastation of the climate change fuelled fires. Almost unimaginable loss of human and animal life, forests and people’s homes and livelihoods are nevertheless bringing out the best in many communities to touch our hearts at the deepest levels.This is surely a time of breaking from the past, while highlighting the Saturn-Pluto urge toward total rebirth and transformation. While even breathing deeply is posing challenges for the moment, the sense that things will never be the same is profound. Perhaps we grapple with our fear of change while at times being excited about future possibilities.


Venus moved out of Aquarius into Pisces on the 14th of January as if to further nudge us towards valueing the importance of spirit in our life, while bringing qualities of compassion further into the light. The winds of change are present as signalled through the recent change to forward direction of Uranus, the Great Awakener. Uranus is the planet connected with Aquarius. Hopefully Mercury will bring us some fresh air to fill our lungs and inspire us, as it moves into Aquarius on the 17th of January. And then the Sun joins Mercury in Aquarius on the 21st of January, bringing its creative energy to bear on our collective welfare and a move from tradition and conservatism to innovation and the urge to find what’s right.


The New Moon occurs at 7:41 am on the 25th of January at 5 degrees of Aquarius inspirationally characterized as A Council of Ancestors is Seen Implementing the Efforts of a Young Leader. This appears particularly pertinant given the continued wealth of ancestral energy suggested by the line-up of planets in Capricorn meeting the shift that will take place into air and Aquarius. Another whisper, or rather a shout, of the unfolding Age of Aquarius is evident at the Aquarian New Moon, with the Moon tightly squared by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. We are reminded that in many instances we can rely on precedents to enable those that aspire to greatness to tap into their deepest roots.


By March 2020 Saturn will have moved into Aquarius, with Pluto following in 2023. While the effects of the Saturn Pluto conjunction are still very much in play, the year will end on an inspirational note with the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn at the first degree of Aquarius. Further shifts from the materialism of earth into the ideas and inspiration of air and fire energy are ahead on this ever changing journey.



Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House