Reiki is an Energy Healing System developed by Mikao Usui

From my understanding and Thank you to the International House of Reiki for the Resources used here.






A back story, Mikao Usui was on Mount Kurama Japan For a 21 day Fast & Meditation which was part of rituals relating to his ascetic practices, when he finished the lengthy Meditation and returned to his community he had a strong experience of the ability to use hands for healing.

Energy Healing had been around for a long time prior to this.

Mikao Usui Initially created the Reiki System to support people on their spiritual journey toward enlightenment using meditations and precepts. These elements belonged to his own practice which were taken largely from Mikkyo (esoteric Tendai Buddhism) and shugendo (mountains ascetic practices) practices as well as the Japanese culture, philosophy and cosmology (International house reiki resource)







The initiates in Reiki Practice are taught Chants, Symbols, Precepts and I believe according to their development the flow of Energy/Qi/Reiki will vary, couple this with other Spiritual / Energy Building Practices.






Once the system of Reiki became more westernized in the 1980s the chakra system (an energetic system from India that has been incorporated into the New Age movement) was introduced and replaced this system – the chakra system is now commonly used in the West ( International house of Reiki )



Some Benefits:

Stress Reduction and Relaxation that promotes healing.

Through relaxation the Bodies Energy starts to flow.


Some experience Tingling, Blissfulness, Sleepiness during the treatment. Each Individual will have their own experience.

I have had Clients come in with high stress response, leaving the clinic calm and relaxed.

Reiki (Prana, Qi) Energy is the life energy that keeps everything alive. All plants, insects, animals and humans are alive because life energy is flowing through them.







In the mountains A few years ago, at a café ordering a Takeaway Tea, I could feel blissful vibes turned around and there was the amazing Frans Stiene from International House of Reiki Sydney. When you experience the Subtleness of prana flowing to you it’s a beautiful Experience/Feeling, your Energetic Body feeling blissful waves.

It is a therapy that needs to be experienced to see if it is for you. A supportive Complementary Therapy.


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As well as Reiki, I provide Remedial, Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage.


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