Welcome to Kundalini House, we are very happy to have you join our team. You are working on Sundays at the moment, which I always find such a relaxing day to work, everyone is in holiday mode. You found Massage through your love of health and wellness and a realisation that you aligned with a health conscious lifestyle. In your journey of health what types of things have you discovered that has made the greatest difference to your wellbeing?


Being kind to myself is my number one! I’ve always been driven towards achieving my goals, which in the past left me feeling I needed to eat clean 24/7, hit a personal best every time I went for a run and meditate distraction-free for two hours a day, but that wasn’t realistic or healthy. Relaxing my mindset surrounding these things and instead focusing on health as an ongoing journey, rather than a target to reach, has improved my sense of happiness and wellbeing immensely. Fluctuations are a natural part of the process – some days I’m motivated to run a 10k and other days I’d rather stay at home and bake bread in my pyjamas! Learning to surrender to the cues my body gives me, and focusing my time on the things that make me feel good have been crucial for finding my own balance.


I try to stay curious and open-minded when it comes to health and wellness as a whole; you can normally find me with my nose buried in a book, learning something new about my field of practice or any other modality that catches my interest. The more I learn and incorporate into my own life, the more I want to discover!


Not only are you a Remedial Massage Therapist you are also studying Aromatherapy. Can you tell us a little bit about how that influences your work? And how you would describe the type of treatments you do?


I love drawing on my knowledge and combining the two different aspects of one modality. In a typical remedial massage treatment, musculoskeletal assessments will be performed and a range of techniques will be used to treat the physical body and any presenting conditions. Aromatherapy treatment begins with a mental, emotional and physical assessment and the traditional massage uses predominantly relaxation and lymphatic drainage strokes to utilise the benefits of the essential oils, which can be applied topically or inhaled throughout the treatment. These are tailored to each client based on the needs identified in the assessment. Even when I’m not using aromatherapy blends in treatments, I rely on this mind, body and spirit style of assessment, as psychological and emotional issues often manifest physically as tension in the body and should be addressed.


Drawing on aspects of both of these during my treatments allows for a holistic and well-rounded approach to healing. Many of the oil blends I mix work to fight inflammation and act as a natural analgesic, so they go hand in hand with the techniques I use as a remedial therapist. The benefits of aromatherapy extend much further than just reducing muscular tension, with cultures throughout history using this wonderful natural therapy to reduce and manage symptoms of insomnia, depression, hormonal imbalance, nausea, migraines, digestive issues and many more. I love essential oils and use them daily in almost every aspect of my life, so I’m very excited to help people discover just how incredible they can be!


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