Appreciating Self and Loving Relationships at the Libran Full Moon


While astrology can help us realise the profound meaning behind otherwise apparently random events, such as the current pandemic, it cannot tell us when it will end. The answer to that question hinges on our collective response, with lock-downs and the mechanics of the virus only part of that story. The challenging reset associated with new Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto and finally Jupiter-Saturn cycles in 2020 is receiving some special assistance from lesser known minor planets, centaurs and asteroids. Most notable is the link with minor planet Chariklo who is the wife or perhaps, according to astrologer Melanie Reinhart, the mentor of Chiron. Chariklo enables healing through holding sacred space during transitions of consciousness.


The boundary and control themes of the mid January Saturn-Pluto conjuntion still dominate our airwaves, reinforced recently by the rapid movement of Mars through the late degrees of Capricorn past inflationary Jupiter, followed quickly by a darker experience with Pluto and then into Aquarius from the 31st March. There it met up briefly with Saturn on April Fool’s Day with Saturn lending a somewhat militaristic air. Mars in Aquarius brings a drive for freedom and independence, but itis rebellious and reforming urge can best be channeled into creative innovation.


Saturn in Aquarius from 22nd of March brings a closer emphasis on community and encourages a collective responsibility to help others. The current focus on social distancing is emblematic of this pairing. While there is a cold and detached side to Aquarius, it forecasts less conventional fresh air and turns the collective focus to our ideals and dreams for the future. Saturn will remain in Aquarius until the 1st of July before briefly reentering Capricorn.


What a relief that Mercury has finally moved past the particulaly long shadow it cast while it went retrograde and then revisted mostly Piscean territory. Our thoughts emerge from the Piscean fog into Aries on the 11th of April enabling more direct and confident communication and the capacity to intuitively grasp the essentials.

Venus goes into Gemini on the 4th of April lending flexibility and a need to talk immediately about one’s feelings. The very next day God of the sky, Jupiter and Lord of the Underworld, Pluto begin their new 13 year cycle meeting up at 25 degrees of Capricorn. This degree is characterized as A Store Filled with Precious Ornamental Rugs. This speaks to the value of the dedication and inspiration of a group practicing a tradition and keeping cultural symbols alive and of the benefits that society can bring its members. We are moving beyond the world where Margaret Thatcher made the gobsmacking declaration that there is no such thing as society.

There is an air of discovery, growth and great resourcefulness associated with this pairing. Perhaps at this time humanity will get a clearer sense of our inner purpose and what really matters. Helpfully Pallas Athene, the asteroid Goddess of wisdom, strategy and the bigger picture is joining up with Jupiter and Pluto at the beginning of this cycle. An increase in the powers of government and associated changes in the law, may tilt the balance more towards the people rather than the power of large corporations.

This month’s Super Full Moon, the closest to earth for 2020, will exert an especially strong gravitational and emotional pull. The Libran Full Moon is all about relationships, love and what we value—especially as it relates to fairness, justice and equality. It occurs at 12:34pm on the 8th of April at the nineteenth degree of Libra which is characterized as A Gang of Robbers in Hiding. This has a Robin Hood flavour and goes to the idea of group protest against an unbalanced society with disharmonic social privilege.

Mars squares Uranus at the Full Moon and the associated pursuit of freedom may best be directed to spiritual realms. With so much Aquarian energy this is an especially good time to take advantage of opportunities to connect online with others and to get more deeply in touch with self through such portals as yoga and meditation.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House