Transformation and Finding Peace at the Scorpio Full Super Moon

The recent change in direction of ruling planet Pluto provides an important backdrop to the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon. The planet of transformation is now moving backwards over old ground and forcing us to confront the pandemic of fear that currently clouds the earth and individual psyches. There is much about the current situation that is out of our control and unsurprisingly many of us are feeling dis empowered and fearful. At the same time we are being asked to differentiate between that which we can’t control and other areas of our lives where we might be unnecessarily giving up our power or be in a victim role. We are also invited to simplify our lives and free ourselves of any unnecessary dependencies. Now is the time to step into the present and to be in touch with the eternal present moment and the safety therein.

The transiting Lunar Nodes speak to our inherited collective karma, as we are challenged to learn the new lessons of the futuristic North Node while releasing the past through the South Node. Our souls are challenged to achieve a balance between these two opposing lunar energies. In late 2019 I wrote that the North Node in Cancer during 2019 and the first half of 2020 has been calling us home, to a better work life balance—harmonising our need to belong (Cancer) with our need to control and excel (Capricorn), and our compassion with our competence. Many colleagues shared such a message whose presceince points to the importance of the nodes in the Pluto-Saturn story being played out through the pandemic. On the 6th of May 2020 and for another eighteen month residence, the North Node shifts into Gemini with the opposing South Node moving into Sagittarius. This represents another major shift into the air element in 2020. These mutable signs share the general theme of communication—with Gemini seeking information and linked with short trips and the local, while Sagittarius searches for the truth and is associated with long distance travel. The North Node in Gemini will bring new information, new opportunity and much curiosity. We must be willing to question dogmatic viewpoints and be open to listening to and integrating new perspectives, while being ready to have our addiction to certainty or blind faith challenged as we listen more and are receptive to being amazed at what we hear.

The Scorpio Full Moon occurs at 8:45 pm on Thursday the 7th of May at the eighteenth degree of Scorpio which is characterized as A Path through Woods Brilliant with Multicolored Splendour. This suggests a soul at peace and that the life through which spirit radiates creatively can experience blessedness and peace. Nevertheless expect intense feelings at the Scorpio Full Moon as intensity is a key to both Full Moons and the sign of Scorpio. With Mercury only three degrees from the Sun and Scorpio’s ruler Pluto only two degrees away from truth seeking Jupiter, we can anticipate the uncovering of secrets involving the wealthy and powerful and themes around ill gained wealth and sexual exploitations to be on the agenda. Issues of trust and betrayal are so often at stake with Scorpio and its ruler Pluto.

Finally Saturn stations to go retrograde on the 12th of May, where it will be joined by Venus on the 14th and Jupiter on the 15th. More on this next time.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House