A New Dream: The Cancerian New Moon, Annular Solar Eclipse and Winter Solstice

Sensitive feminine energy abounds as Mars and Neptune come together in Pisces on the 13th of June, enabling some to benefit from tapping into infinite creative potential while others may experience confusion or a sense of loss. Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer for 24 days commencing on the 19th of June, joining Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus in their current retrograde motion. This contributes to an emphasis on home, family, nurture, safety and security and our relationship with the past in our introspective ponderings. For several days before and after this change in direction Mercury is at the exact degree of fixed star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. This star of magic is said to be linked to the ability to harness hidden forces to create something new, working with subtle energies and making them manifest in the material realm. Perhaps this provides an opportunity to put some careful attention, within our inevitable reviews and rethinks, into resolving issues within the family and releasing painful memories.This may enable us to forgive self and others as we move into new territory once Mercury regains forward momentum.

The Sun enters Cancer at 7:47 am on Sunday the 21st of June marking the Winter Solstice point in the Southern Hemisphere. Just hours later at 4:41pm the Cancer New Moon is also the subject of an Annular Solar Eclipse. While this eclipse of the Sun is not visible in Australia, it nevertheless packs a poweful and future oriented punch. The momentum of the solstice is intensified by a rare eclipse so closely timed in marking an especially potent new beginning. At the first degree of Cancer the New Moon Eclipse point is characterised as: On a Ship the Sailors Lower an Old Flag and Raise a New One. This speaks to a radical change of allegiance marked in a symbolic act that indicates a point of no return. Falling as it does on a cardinal world degree this should be an active period in terms of global affairs. Indeed it evokes the calls for statues of racist, patriarchal leaders to be torn down as the Black Lives Matter movement becomes an unstoppable force. It speaks to the acceptance of a process of fundamental reorientation that implies a stabiliation of energies. Some of the fundamentals are shifting, and reality is moving along in a fluid course. This is a time of compassion and emphathy. Adjustments are necessary in order to move forward, to start afresh at this potent time.

Neptune’s journey retrograde from the 24th of June leaves the planetary forward momentum in the hands of Mars and Uranus. And yet Venus changes direction just two days later on the 26th of June. Hopefully we will be moving forward with a better sense of what we value after doing some deep soul searching about communication with self and others in our life. Venus retrograde in Gemini may bring up deeper issues around fundamental compatibility and duality. There may have been some overdue changes in relationships in order to create more harmony in our lives. This is a powerful time to move forward as unique beings who nevertheless recognise the depth of our connection with others.