Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Journey

For the last 10 years I have been facilitating shamanic journeys. After being initiated through the Quechua lineages of the Andes and finding my teacher Raym Richards creator of crystal dreaming I have now guided thousands of recalls of past life deaths.

My experience has taught me that we are all in a cycle of death and rebirth and may experience this many, many times and although we may experience physical pain at our times of death, it is the emotional trauma experienced at our death that we carry into subsequent incarnations/lives affecting our relationships with self and others, our career, finances and personality.   These traumas if not cleared, build up and repeat until we find a way to clear them.  If we look at our lives the clues are in our repeated patterns we can observe the deeply held traumas that are ready to be released.

Crystal Dreaming sessions are profound, permanent and immediate. Crystal Dreaming will locate and dissolve challenges manifesting here and now that have their roots in another time and place, often in past lives and frequently relating to unresolved emotional trauma.  A session can bring clarity of purpose of your life by activating and aligning with your life plan in a state of perfect harmony with the rest of creation.

A Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Journey session involves lying in a unique mandala of crystals where I facilitate a gentle shift in your consciousness into an expanded state where your Crystal Dreaming inner journey occurs. In this enhanced state of awareness, after clearing all energies not totally aligned with unconditional love, it is possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur.

If you are considering a Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Journey you can book a free discovery call with Rachel and discuss your needs and intentions and ask questions before booking a session.

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