Keeping loving dreams alive within limits at the second Cancer New Moon


Saturn, the Lord of Karma, has been back in Capricorn since the 1st of July, joining Pluto, Jupiter, and Pallas Athene all doing the backwards shuffle in that sign, as structures and systems that no longer serve us crumble in order to be transformed. Heirarchies and oppression based on the color of one’s skin or one’s gender are clearly being challenged. Jupiter and Pluto are still conspiring together towards a seismic transformation of collective belief systems, at the same time showing us just how easily things can blow up and reminding us of our mortality. This especially passionate pairing brings an intensity and focus to move us beyond previous conditioned responses. While at times it feels as if we’re caught in Groundhog Day, building a better world and a more equitable society are on the longer term agenda.


Mercury and Mars are battling it out and there’s plenty of passion being asserted, with Mars in Aries lending courage and resilience. The forecast period begins with retrograde Mercury in sensitive and self protective Cancer square to courageous Mars in Aries. This creates inner tension, so try to choose your words wisely, despite a sense of urgency, while speaking from your heart.


Chiron in Aries turns retrograde on the 12th of July, just a day before retrograde Mercury turns direct. By the time of the new Moon the square between them, that will become exact on the 22nd of July, is getting mighty close and Mars has been lining up with Chiron. This formation is reminding us that we have things to learn about ourselves and others, probably to do with our own feelings and our reasons fpr clinging to the past. While healing, some of this may not be entirely palatable in the short term.


The dwarf planet Ceres has been in Pisces since the end of April encouraging us to be kind, caring and most helpfully to enjoy the simple things in life, especially the natural world. Ceres also went retrograde on the 6th of July perhaps bringing something precious back to life along the lines of respect for others and for humanity. This is such a good time to find peace, and to reconnect with nature and our own spiritual nature.


Last month’s eclipsed New Moon on the same day as the Winter Solstice marked a fundamental shift, a new beginning—illuminating the need for compassion and empathy. This New Moon occurs at 3:32 am on Tuesday the 21st of July at the 29th degree of Cancer. The Moon and the Sun will be lined up exactly opposite Saturn, calling us to a balancing act between our need for nurturing and experiencing loving energy and the requirement to respect boundaries and apply the necessary discipline demanded by Saturn in Capricorn. We have been reminded of these natural laws the hard way and that we must transform structures to work with, rather than against, nature. With the Moon, the Sun and Mercury all in Cancer opposing the Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto block in Capriciorn, there is much cardinal energy available for action. This is an ideal time to set a new intention in relation to our ongoing emotional frequency, while connecting with our inner hero in order to enact our unique leadership potential.


While the Moon moves in to Leo just a few hours after this New Moon the Sun joins her there the very next day, bringing a focus on creative expression.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House