Transformation and a Wise New Start at the Scorpio New Moon

Mercury is very slowly moving forward emerging from its recent retrograde journey and yet its square with Saturn reinforces any anticipated delays until at least the 8th of November. This transit underscores the weightiness of decisions, and the consequences they will carry, as the world watches keenly for the outcome of the American election.


The third and final Pluto-Jupiter conjunction (for the next 12 years), is exact on Friday the 13th of November. Initially coming together on the 5th of April and then on the 30th of June, for most of the year this powerful combination of the Sky God and the Lord of the Underworld has been breaking down and reconstructing philosophies, beliefs and cultural norms that no longer serve us. While much is being shed in the process there is an optimistic flavor of good triumphing over tyranny. An analysis of past events coinciding with this conjunction (such as the ending of apartheid in South Africa and the downfall of Stalin) point to times when good triumphed over despotism, dictatorship and the misuse of power in general. The union of benific Jupiter and transformative Pluto can bring an intense, devotional focus to work that expands beyond whatever conditioning and societal influences deem possible to bring imaginal ideas into manifestation.


Shortly thereater, on the 15th of November, Mars ends its retrograde journey now over half way through its six month sojourn in Aries. Ideally we have been able to confront our own impatience and impulsivenss in the retrograde journey to enable us to move forward, slowly at first, all the wiser for this intense encounter. We can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all the personal planets are now moving forward and we will soon emerge from the mire of 2020.


The Scorpio New Moon occurs at 03:07 pm on Sunday the 15th of November at the 24th degree of Scorpio, characteried as After Having Heard an Inspired IndividuaI Deliver His ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Crowds are Returning Home. Scorpio and its ruler Pluto encourage deep diving for transformation and this speaks to the associated challenge in terms of the need to incorporate Inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday life. This passionate new moon is positively supported by Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This is the perfect time to tap into your own power and move into the next chapter in your life. With the fears you have faced it is time for a new start to own your own power knowing what you want and learning how to co-create it.


The Full Moon eclipse in Gemini on the 30th of November will accelerate the energy generated by the Scorpio New Moon as we move full steam ahead to the end of the year and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.