Keeping Your Frequency High at the Aquarian New Moon

Mercury’s retrograde journey through Aquarius until the 21st of February may provide an opportunity to review mental processes with a view to freeing up one’s mind from fear based preoccupations and changing old beliefs and ideas. This is an opportunity to choose love over fear and to draw on your individual creativity in union with like minded people.

Venus entered Aquarius on the 1st of February joining the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of the collective, urging us to attune to the collective consciousness. The first of three sextiles for 2021 between Saturn and Chiron will be exact on the 9th of February assisting with the building of group consciousness of the reality that we are not really separate from each other. Chiron, the wounded healer is teaching us about being human and its journey in Aries has been raising awareness of our instinctual responses and asking us to heal wounds associated with willpower, competition and identity.

The Aquarius New Moon, also known as Chinese New Moon, occuring at 6:05 am on Friday the 12th of February, adds to the sense of an Aquarius party. It occurs at the 24th degree of Aquarius which is characterised as A Person, Turning their Back on Passions teaches Deep Wisdom from Experience. This speaks to the responsibility of one who has taken a step ahead in their evolution to help others to take that step. This is true education. The caution is against sticking to things that are no longer worthwhile, such as a belief that is no longer relevant or has lost its value. This Sabian symbol is of particular salience given its proximity to the first of three Saturn-Uranus squares, which represents the major astrological theme for 2021. This is a time to ‘step outside the box’ and bring some true innovation into your life. Jupiter and Venus coming together at the New Moon adds a sense a hope, adventure and possible extravagance.

The Saturn-Uranus square becomes exact on the 17th of February. Saturn in Aquarius is working to create a new structure out of abstract concepts that need reforming and shape shifting. Uranus, the God of Chaos, will in the end triumph in bringing new manifestations from old structures and forms that have outlived their usefulness. This process brings us revolutions and periods of upheaval as the old order resists the Aquarian impulse. The challenge is to forge a peaceful revolution as we all take responsibility for healing our personal and society wide relationships and our Earth.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th of February calling for a new vision based on compassion.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House