How To Create A Vision Board – What To Include In Your Board

Find out how to create a vision board for your life goals. Get ready to put your vision together so you can get clarity on what next steps you need to take.

How to create a vision board and achieve your dream goals.

Law of Attraction

I developed my first vision board at 24 after reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and learning about the Law of Attraction. It blew my mind! I still go back to that book and the subsequent film to remind myself at times. I have bought the book for several people simply because it worked for me.

I remember frantically cutting out images from magazines and also thinking of what I wanted to do in my life, travel more, meet someone who loved going for posh dinners and I wanted to move into the centre of London and see more gigs. I also wanted to be on the TV channel QVC as a guest presenter for beauty.

I thought to myself on how to create a vision board that would set me up for success in life. As fate or perhaps my vision board helped to bring to life, I met my now husband. And guess what?He loved music, travel and fine dining!

I ended up moving into the city and managing a spa and my whole life changed. QVC? It didn’t happen then, but I did do it when I was 34.

Before doing that board, I was lost and a little despondent. By developing that vision, I had something to work towards and like a magnet started to attract everything that would deliver.

Having been  through another life changing time, changing my career, well taking a side step, I now understand a little more behind that vision board so wanted to share how I create my board based on my coaching knowledge and experience with creating my own and seeing it come alive.

How to create a good vision board

Firstly, I have created a little sheet for you which you can download, cut out and use to pin on your board.

Elements of a good vision board:

  1. In the center of your board place the diagram of the WELLNESS WHEEL. This demonstrates all of the areas in your life that impact your overall feeling of wellness and therefore health and happiness. I strongly believe you need to think of each area and what you want from it. As this is at the center of the board you can then find images relating to each section and place around the circle. For example – ENVIRONMENT. You may want to buy a new house so you can pop a picture of the house of your dreams next to that section.
  2. Cut out the VISION STATEMENT. This can be placed at the top and centre of your board. Your vision statement is where you are heading. So for example, ‘I would like to be living in our own dream home, earning a 6 figure salary and feel at my optimum fitness’.
  3. Cut out the GOALS. These three goals should be SMART goals that demonstrate that you are living the vision. Example, 1. Buy a four bed house with garden, garage in xxx suburb. 2. Earn 6 figure salary 3. Exercise 4 x per week with a mix of F45 and yoga and stay in my current size trousers. This can sit to the right of your vision statement.
  4. Cut out the values. In here add in your top 6 values. I have also created a values sheet to help with this too!
  5. After this just go nuts with your images and create the life of your dreams.

How to create an online vision board

You can create vision boards using Pinterest by pinning what you want and establishing your online vision board. That can be public or private at your choosing. You may even want to create several boards for your different goals.

I also really enjoy creating vision boards with Canva….I like to play with the images and colours and bring ideas to life a little more! As it saves I can then edit again in the future as values, goals or visions change.

However, if you have magazines lying around or prefer to enjoy something more hands-on, there’s nothing quite like cutting out images and finding what you want to aspire to do or be in your life.

How to create a vision board as a couple

If you want to do a vision board as a couple in your relationship, then this is also a great way to showcase what you are trying to collectively achieve. It’s a great activity to make sure you are both heading in the same direction. A sure way to communicate your desires to each other and clarify your individual’s goals and share them with each other.

Sometimes we can internalise our desires or feel uncomfortable about talking about them so what better way than showing each other with pictures, have a little fun and chat through your values and passions in life.

People want closeness in their relationship and an exercise like this can help to provide direction in your relationship. You can get clear on what each person wants from your connection and how you can support one another in what you are seeking in life.

Whether you want to tick off a bucket list, do a physical challenge, learn a new language or try new career paths – there is a real power in having someone else there to keep you accountable.

Where should you put your vision board?

I personally have my board in my home office, and I regularly look at it to remind myself of where I am going.

I sometimes add in a financial goal, you can download a secret cheque from their website and write yourself a cheque paid by the universe for the amount you desire

I always create a schedule of how I want my days to look like – I add this too.

It’s really yours to play with. You may have it in your bedroom or on the inside of a cupboard door – the main thing is that you need to empty everything in your head onto that board.

What are the benefits of putting my mission and goals on a board?

By doing this activity, you are clarifying what you want out of your life and you start to attract it like a big magnet.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creating!